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5 Reasons Why It Pays to Drive Safely

It pays to drive safely in many ways, not just saving lives by being a better driver. The impact of driving well isn’t only social, but it can literally save you some money. For example, your vehicle premiums come down, and there are no ticket expenses. Here are a few more examples.

It Literally Pays in Some Jobs

Driving jobs are common, and some of them pay quite well. From pizza delivery to international haulage, there is always a risk when out on the roads. And for the pay you get, some may not consider the risk worth it. But if you drive well, you will be safer. Further to this, some companies that offer truck driver jobs, such as Barr-Nunn, will actually pay you bonus money for safe driving. So not only does it pay for saving lives, you can make some money from it as well.

Your Car Insurance Premiums are Lower

Insurance is required and needed by law in most places. But the premiums always seem to be going up, but why? The main reason is accidents caused by uninsured drivers, and the other is simply the number of accidents caused by bad driving. However, some insurance companies will reward you for driving well if you go for long periods without claims. Or they can even install telematics systems that monitor how well you drive your car and adjust your rates dynamically.

It Pays to Drive Safely if You are In an Accident

There are many costs associated with vehicle insurance, and collision costs are one of the highest. This is because there is no guarantee of not hitting someone or being hit, even if you are a very safe driver. Collision coverage is there to repair your vehicle in case of an accident, no matter whose fault it actually is. You can add stuff to make your car better. But be mindful that anything you put in your vehicle can be a distraction and potentially cause an accident.

No Expensive Tickets

Some might argue that the speed camera ticket system is there to make money, and it does indeed generate a large income for cities. But that doesn’t mean they aren’t there for a reason. And that reason is to ensure the safety of everyone using a stretch of road. If you break the speed limit, you will either be captured by a speed camera and issued an automatic fine or pulled over by the police. Neither is good, and they will both cost you a substantial amount.

Other Insurance Premiums Can Decrease

Most people aren’t aware of this, but some insurers, like credit companies, are linked and share certain data. This can mean better policies for other types of insurance when your car insurance rate is low because you drive well. It shows you are a responsible person, and risk is lower than the average person. So what does this mean for you? Well, it could mean lower home insurance premiums or even a better deal on life insurance. That’s a good deal we could all make use of.


For some jobs, like trucking, it literally pays to drive safely, as you may get bonuses. But more than anything, you will get to enjoy much lower insurance rates and premiums than most.

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