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Best Clothing Subscription Boxes To Update Your Wardrobe

Subscription boxes are getting more and more popular, and people use this method of purchasing just because they want a regular replacement every month or they don’t have time to go shopping themselves.

What is a subscription box? In short, a subscription box is a physical delivery of niche-oriented products put in a designed box on a regular basis. So if you purchase a subscription box, you can expect something to arrive with your mail, usually every month. There are subscription box ideas to get you creative and include clothing products regularly!

There are many apparel subscription boxes on the market, but in today’s article, we will focus on those ones that provide the highest value for money.

Fresh Clean Tees

This subscription box is exceptional. Rather than focusing on finding unique clothing pieces that you would wear once or twice, this subscription box is all about your everyday essentials. 

If you are busy working and don’t have time to go shopping for your casual clothing, Fresh Clean Tees will help you keep your wardrobe updated at all times.

They feature three premium quality t-shirts with no print, which can be worn at home or even for a casual walk. They offer different colors and styles such as V neck vs. crew neck and Splithems and longlines. 

You can choose to receive new t-shirts every 1,2 or 3 months,and each box includes three pieces, and all of them are very high quality.

Menlo Club

Menlo Club is a subscription box that will send you their own in-house labels, known as the New Republic. They are widely known for their footwear, but they also have other trendy pieces that are style-forward-ish in the mix.

Compared to the first box, Menlo Club takes a different turn. Rather than wearing the items every day, Menlo Club offers unique pieces that are not designed for your everyday casual coffee. 

Each box contains two or three items, and the starting price for a monthly subscription is $60. One of the biggest disadvantages is that they don’t do returns, so what you get is what you keep, even it isn’t the right size.

Stitch Fix

Stitch fix is also another great subscription box that requires filling out a form in order to give them an idea about your style and clothing preference. Considering that this is a really cheap subscription box (only $20), you cannot expect the latest fashion pieces.

On the other hand, they do offer good quality t-shirts, jackets, pants that look good and are made with decent quality materials.

Trunk Club

Trunk Club is actually owned by Nordstorm, which means that we are talking about a serious clothing company that has hundreds of designers working behind each subscription box. Upon registering, you’ll be assigned a personal stylist that has a job to determine the right pieces for you. 

They include a couple of big brand names in the box, such as Polo, Nike, AG jeans, and a lot more.

Apart from their wide range of clothing pieces, Trunk Club stands out from the crowd for their flexibility. You can change the type of clothing you receive every month. For example, if you have too many t-shirts, you can choose to receive only pants or shoes. 

Also, this subscription box is very affordable. Their basic monthly subscription starts from $25, but it all depends on the type of clothes you choose to receive. Of course, if you go with big brand names and add more items to your subscription, the price can go up to $1,000.

Final Words

These are some of the best clothing subscription boxes on the market. Clothing subscription boxes are great for people who don’t have time for shopping or want expert advice from a fashion stylist.

By purchasing a subscription box, you’ll always have fresh new pieces in your wardrobe that are carefully themed to your preference.


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