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Are You Ready For Dog? Here Are The Signs That You Are

Getting a dog is a big commitment. Not everyone is able to handle a furry friend as much as they think they will, and this leaves many poor pooches without a home every year when they are abandoned by unprepared owners. 

If you have been thinking about adding a dog to your family for a while, you have likely done a fair bit of research into the costs and commitment of looking after one. 

But are you ready? 

Well, we are here today to talk you through the biggest signs that you are indeed ready to get a dog this year! 

You love animals 

The main sign that you are meant to be a dog owner is that you love them. Dogs are incredible creatures and they are able to show unconditional love and provide tonnes of entertainment and happiness. If you are an animal lover and a dog lover, you’ll be able to truly appreciate what they have to offer and you’ll be able to offer a loving home for them. 

You have the time 

Getting a cat and getting a dog are two very different things. Cats are one of the most popular pets in the world because they not only provide love and affection; but they are happy being alone and they will roam and live independently. If you work full time out of the house and you often go on holiday, a dog might not be the best option for you. Dogs are companions by nature and they love human company; that’s why if you have started to work from home or you are at home a lot a dog could be the ideal companion for you. 

You don’t mind mess

Let’s face it; dogs are messy. If you are the sort of person who won’t let people sit on your sofa in case they spill a drink – you shouldn’t get a dog. Dogs are messy by nature as they will leave hair everywhere, they can get sick now and again, and they will walk mud through the house after a walk. If none of these things put you off and you still love dogs then go ahead! 

You can handle noise 

It is possible that you’ll luck out and get a dog who isn’t bothered by anything and won’t bark and anyone… but it’s unlikely. Dogs can be loud when they bark, and this is simply because they get excitable! If you already have lost your hearing and want to learn more about hearing aids then a dog will be fine for you! 

But on a serious note, if you don’t like loud noises and you get easily irritated, a dog may not be the best option for a pet. 

You love the great outdoors 

One of the biggest benefits as well as commitments you make when you get a dog is to go outside and exercise every day. If you are naturally someone who loves being outdoors and hiking, a dog is the ideal companion for you and you’ll be able to spend lots of summer days out in the wild. 

There are many amazing reasons to become a fur-parent; and if you meet all of these signs above then it might be time to call your local adoption agency and get started! 

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