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Are you guilty of these eyewear crimes? 4 Ways you’re damaging your glasses.

If you’re a glasses wearer, you’ll know how precious your vision is and how important your glasses really are. So, the last thing you want to do is damage your eyewear and end up being unable to see until you find a replacement. 

The best way to prevent this from happening is to first invest in a pair of high-quality lenses and beautiful frames that are durable, yet tick all of your style boxes – you’ll find a range of yellow glasses frames here, check them out. Then you need to up your protection game. The best way to keep your glasses looking good and damage free is to look after them properly. 

Sadly, glasses care is something we easily forget. So, are you guilty of these eyewear crimes? Discover the top 4 ways you’re damaging your glasses. 

Eyewear crime #1: You don’t put them in your case

When you receive your glasses, you’re also given a case. This case is where you’re supposed to store your glasses when you’re not using them. Using a hard glasses case properly means that when you store your glasses correctly, you don’t run the risk of damaging them by placing them in your pocket, throwing them in the bottom of your bag or leaving them on the dashboard of your car. Cases prevent scratches, grit, and your glasses becoming bent out of shape.

Eyewear crime #2: You rest them on top of your head

We’ve all done it. Whether we’re adjusting our eyes or we’re busy with other tasks, instead of putting our glasses down properly (or in their case) we pull them up on top of our heads. It makes sense of course; you know where they are, and you can quickly pull them back down again. 

Sadly, this convenience could cause you much bigger problems down the line. Placing your frames on top of your head means that you’re stretching the arms and bending your glasses out of shape! Considering hanging them around your neck or popping them back in their case. 

Eyewear crime #3: You let other people wear them

Whether you’re in the playground as a kid or you’re in a bar with friends as a grown adult. If you wear glasses, chances are someone has asked if they could try them on. You reluctantly agree and then you must listen to how unbelievably bad your eyesight is…it comes with the territory, right?

If someone asks to try on your frames you should politely decline. When you received your eyeglass frames, they were fitted to your face and your head. So, when others try them on, they’re effectively stretching them, and they’ll end up loose and uncomfortable on you! 

Eyewear crime #4: You fall asleep with them on

Falling asleep after a busy day is inevitable but falling asleep with your glasses on should be avoided. Whether you’re crushing them between your face and the mattress or you’re rolling over on them in the middle of the night, chances are you’re going to wear up with a sore face and bent glasses. Always remember to take them off before you nod off! 

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