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A Guide: The Proper Way to Look After Your Teeth

Do you want to protect your smile from aging? Does the idea of having dentures fitted scare you? If so, then you need to look after your current set of gnashers at all costs. More to the point, you have to resolve to look after your teeth correctly. Only then will you truly be able to prevent decay and protect your enamel.

Here’s what you should be doing to look after your teeth properly:

Brush religiously

Brushing your teeth, regardless of what you use to brush them, is an essential component in your oral health routine. Quite simply, you need to brush religiously — twice a day for two minutes at a time, to be exact. This will you to prevent tooth decay, it will protect your tooth enamel, and it will keep your gums healthy. Couple that with visiting this Dentist In Grand Blanc that can address all your oral needs and your teeth will be good to go!

Use the right tools

In order to optimize your dental care routine, you need to be using optimal equipment. You can’t be using the same old brush that you’ve been using for the past number of years — you have to invest in a new and better one. In this instance, it’s important to understand what options you have — electric vs. manual toothbrush — and what type of brush is going to get you the best results. As stated on https://tidental.ca/electric-vs-manual-toothbrushes-which-is-best/, electric brushes are more effective when it comes to plaque removal and gingivitis prevention, which means they should now be your first choice when you’re in the market for a new toothbrush.

As well as the right toothbrush, it’s all imperative that you have fluoridated toothpaste at hand. This will harden tooth enamel and reduce the risk of decay.

Limit your intake of certain drinks

The acids found in certain drinks, such as soda, cordials, and fruit juices, pose a real danger to your teeth. They soften tooth material, they dissolve important enamel minerals, and they result in holes, cavities, and caries being formed. In some very severe cases, drinking too many dangerous drinks could cause your teeth to be ‘eaten’ away until your gums are the only things that remain.

Limiting your intake of soda, cordials, and juices is important. It doesn’t, however, mean that you need to cut down on your favorite drinks completely. Remember, everything is okay in moderation.

Don’t give up on teeth that have been knocked out

Unless you resolve to wear a mouthguard 24/7, you’re never truly protected against the danger of your teeth being knocked out. You could be hit in the face by flying debris, or you could slip on a slippery surface and hit your face, and just like that you could be holding one of your teeth in your hand.

Should you ever be unfortunate enough to have one of your teeth knocked out, don’t be too quick to give up on it. There may still be a way to retrieve the situation, but only if you act swiftly. If it is possible for you to do so, hold the tooth in place while you wait for professional dental assistance. Something else that you could do in this instance to protect the tooth is wrap it in plastic wrap or, oddly enough, let it float around in milk.

If you want to avoid having to wear false teeth when you’re older, you have to start taking oral care seriously right now. Take the above advice and start looking after your teeth in the proper way.

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