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Animal Lovers Will Love These Pawfect Beauty Products

Animal lovers can have a hard time buying makeup due to the fact that many beauty brands test on animals and use their by-products.

Fortunately, now that society has become more aware of the cruelty that goes into some beauty products, more brands are making it a point to be cruelty-free and celebrate our furry friends. Some beauty brands even make animal-centric products!

For example, there are tons of animal-themed Paul & Joe Beaute luxury makeup  products like printed cases, lipsticks and more! These make the perfect unique addition to any animal lover’s makeup collection.

According to the Humane Society, animal testing can involve rubbing chemicals on animals and feeding them toxins — which is inhumane and unethical on many accounts. In fact, The Humane Society estimates that anywhere between 100,000 and 200,000 animals suffer and die annually for cosmetic purposes around the world.

Keep this in mind next time you consider purchasing a product that’s been tested on animals. If you are shopping for a gift for an animal lover or are one yourself, there are countless quirky and cruelty-free makeup products on the market that you will want to snatch right away.

From quirky, themed items to cruelty-free items, these are the impawsibly perfect products that every beauty and animal lover will want to add to their makeup and skin care collection:

PAUL & JOE BEAUTE’s Stick Highlighter

The only thing better than a good highlighter is a great cat shaped highlighter. This highlighter from Paul & Joe Beaute boasts a creamy formula, weightless texture, illuminative properties, and blends well. Guaranteed, you’ll never find another highlighter like this one.

B GLOWING’s Illuminate + Shine Palette

This eye shadow palette is free of gluten, sulfates, parabens, phthalates and cruelty! When you use this shiny, shimmering palette made with a lightweight formula, you can rest easy knowing that it is cruelty-free and all natural. The palette will nourish your skin, smooth fine lines and leave you feeling refreshed and guilt-free.

SLIP’s Bunny Scrunchies

Sometimes you just need to put your hair back – and when you do, why not use a bunny scrunchie from Slip? These silk scrunchies won’t tug or pull on your hair, are silky smooth, and look seriously adorable! There’s a lot to love about these scrunchies that are super cute and are also really easy on your hair.

PAUL & JOE BEAUTE’s Pearl Lipstick

This cute cat shaped lipstick is a must for any self-proclaimed cat lady. Not only is it adorable to look at, it also works like a charm! The shimmering lipstick provides a soft finish, and its cream formula makes it glide on almost effortlessly.

PAUL & JOE BEAUTE’s Lip Treatment Balm L – Limited Edition

Not only is this balm packaged with Paul & Joe Beaute’s signature kitten on the front cute to look at, but the balm itself works wonders for lips! Made with emolliating olive oil, the balm nourishes, smooths and softens lips to keep them healthy and moisturized.

KOH GEN DO’s Oriental Plants Cleansing Cream

This cleansing cream is all natural, cleanses the skin with plant-based products and doesn’t test on your furry friends either! This is the perfect product for taking off your cruelty-free makeup.

GROWN ALCHEMIST’s Hydra+ Facial Cleanser

There is a lot to love about this facial cleanser from this Australian brand best known for its all-natural approach to skin care. This cleanser, specifically, is made with organic ingredients including rosemary, co2 extract, squalene and black currant seeds.

The brand’s co-founder Jeremy Mujis, confirmed to Vogue that all “Grown Alchemist products are Australian Certified non-toxic, vegan, cruelty-free and formulated with certified organic ingredients.”

There’s a lot to love about these products and brands that are cruelty-free and embrace our furry friends instead of utilizing them negatively to make a profit.