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Amazingly Easy Chinese Food Recipes You Can Make In Your Kitchen

Taking a look at some amazingly easy Chinese food recipes that anyone can make at home. How to get that Asian restaurant flavor in your own kitchen.

Oh no.

It happened again.

I know I’ve been caught in this situation more than once.

You sat down on the couch after a long day, ready to relax. Then you remember you still need to make dinner!


Have no fear! I have a way to make sure you’re never stuck in this situation again.

Check out these 3 effortless Chinese food recipes you can make right in your kitchen that are sure to save the day!

1. Fried Rice Chinese Food Recipes

For me, this is a staple food. Talk about easy Asian recipes!

It is really important to use thoroughly-chilled cooked rice. If it is warm, it won’t fry as well and the rice will clump up and get soggy and sticky.

This is a great opportunity to use leftovers! Grab that rice from the night before, that you put in the fridge.

Just add:

*2 cups brown rice

*2/3 cup chopped baby carrots

*1/3 cup onions

*1 tbsp green onions

*1/2 cup peas

*1/2 cup butter

*2 eggs

*1 tbsp toasted sesame oil

*1 tbsp oyster sauce

*Dash freshly-minced garlic 

All that’s left is to scramble those eggs, sauté the vegetables, and stir fry the rice. This classic dish takes less than 30 minutes and can serve lots of people if need be. (Not to mention it is delicious and nutritious!)

There are lots of fried rice recipes out there, but there’s always one thing I do no matter which one I choose.

I love to add delicious yum yum sauce!

2. Chow Mein

Chow Mein is hands down one of my favorite Chinese food recipes. 

I think this is the best way to get that Asian restaurant flavor in your kitchen right at home.

All it takes is:

*8 oz lo mein noodles

*1 tbsp peanut oil

*1 carrot, chopped

*1/2 head of cabbage, thinly sliced

*1/2 cup onion

*1/2 cup chicken broth

*Dash of green onions, sliced

Sometimes I like to swap out some of the vegetables above with others like bean sprouts, mushrooms, bell peppers, and water chestnuts depending on what I am craving!

I just can’t say no to all the vegetable health benefits from easy Asian recipes like this.

3. Wonton Soup

This is Chinese food made simple. 

Wonton Soup is always good, but I especially love it when I am feeling sick. I use it as a starter if I am hosting a dinner party because it is so easy.

To feed 4 people you need:

*6 cups chicken broth

*1 clove garlic, minced

*20 wontons

*1 cup mushrooms

*4 baby bok choy, halved

*1 tbsp soy sauce

*Dash of green onions, sliced

After your broth boils, add the vegetables and wait until they are soft. Then stir in the soy sauce and enjoy!

Want More Amazingly Easy Recipes?

For me, the best part about these Chinese food recipes is just how darn simple they are! Whether you’re in a pinch for time or plan to host others in your home, these easy Asian recipes always make for delicious meals.

Ready to take on a bigger challenge?

That’s perfect!

There are thousands of Chinese food recipes out there just waiting for you to try them in your kitchen. For more easy and delicious recipes check out our other posts!


  • Linda Linneman

    My family loves Chinese food. We have not tried making any of these at home though. This is a great time to try. Thank you so much for sharing this. God Bless

  • June S.

    (Amazingly Easy Chinese Food Recipes You Can Make In Your Kitchen) Now this is the kind of recipe that I would enjoy making for my family & friends too. I have never made chinese food before, so it would also be a lot of fun too.

  • Arpita Patel

    I have been reading your recipes for a few years. I have some connection to Europe too, mostly the UK, Ireland. I just wanted to compliment you on your website, the great recipes you present and the outstanding pictures, recipe descriptions. I don’t think any one could hold a candle to you in the chef game. You make your own, sausage, etc. I don’t know who does awards for food websites but you should be in the contest.

  • June S.

    (Amazingly Easy Chinese Food Recipes You Can Make In Your Kitchen) Wow! I am banking all of these great recipes away so that I can make them all some weekend at my one brother’s house for the three of us to eat and enjoy together. (yummy)

  • Melissa Smith

    Omgosh I love Chinese food! But of course because of the current situation, most places near me are closed. Thanks for the super simple & easy recipes, mama is having some wonton soup soon!

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