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A Handful of Self-Reinvention Tips

When all is said and done, self reinvention is a very powerful idea, and it’s something that virtually everyone finds themselves feeling drawn to at least on occasion.

If you ever find yourself in a situation where you feel as though you’re not fully achieving your potential and living in line with your values in the way you would like, you’ve probably simultaneously felt some kind of urge to turn over a new leaf, and to move your life in a more positive direction.

In one sense, the New Year’s Resolutions that so many of us set each year are, to a large extent, driven by the desire for self reinvention in one form or another – with regards to fitness, wellbeing, career, or just about anything else. 

Here are a handful of self reinvention tips that might help you to live your best life.

Think about the kind of identity you want to embody, and the kinds of daily habits that entails

James Clear, author of the highly popular book “Atomic Habits,” makes a very interesting point about how we should consider different habits we are trying to establish in our lives.

Essentially, he argues that each given repetition of a particular habit should be seen as a “vote” for a kind of identity we are trying to step into and embody.

So, for example, each time you successfully perform a workout, you are helping to step into and reinforce the sense of identity of being a fit person.

Self reinvention almost always means embodying and stepping into certain types of identities that we feel we are not currently embodying and living up to.

So, think about just what kind of identities you would like to step into, and then aim to establish the daily habits that will help you to do so, bit by bit.

Try something new

Today, it’s easier than perhaps ever before for the average person to explore all sorts of different avenues that they had never before considered.

You could, for example, try your hand at setting up an entrepreneurial business and making use of a good SEO marketing service to promote your brand.

Or, you could sign up to a martial arts or dance class that has been intriguing you for awhile, but that you’ve never worked up the courage to actively participate in.

One thing is clear: if you want to achieve some degree of self reinvention, you need to start doing something differently than you currently are.

Change key features of your environment, and the external factors that influence you

Many of us – and perhaps especially the ongoing entrepreneurial types – tend to believe that our willpower and drive are primarily responsible for shaping the way we behave in different situations.

While willpower and drive certainly are important, though, there is a lot of evidence that people tend to default to behaviours that are supported by their environment and surroundings.

If all your friends are smokers, and you regularly hang out in places where everyone smokes, it is just significantly likelier that you will find yourself smoking, even apparently against your will.

Consciously changing key features of your environment to support the kind of person you want to be going forward, can be extremely powerful.Think of ways of changing your everyday setting, to nudge you in directions that you find more uplifting.


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