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A Guide to Keeping Your Home Clean and Organized

A messy and cluttered home can be incredibly problematic. Not only does it impact our mental health (it can cause anxiety and depression), but it could also cause physical pain and issues resulting in breathing problems. What’s more, a home that isn’t cleaned well or regularly can attract pests and vermin!  

Keeping your home tidy and clean can seem like a chore, but it doesn’t have to be as time consuming as you are led to believe. There are many small lifestyle changes that you can make so that you can keep your home cleaner and much more enjoyable to live in or you can hire the cleaning services of Austin maid service which is affordable and convenient as you can book their services online. Either option is the perfect way to avoid the embarrassment of people coming over and seeing your home being messy and unorganized. 

Here is a quick guide with quick tips on how you can keep your home clean and organized and if you do not have the time or desire to do it yourself you can always bring in the cleaning professionals from Happy Home Cleaning Services, chapel fl

Make Your Bed Every Morning 

Making your bed is a simple but effective way to keep your bedroom looking tidier. Plus, it can help get you into the right mindset so that you spend the rest of your day being more mindful about how you can keep the rest of your home clean and tidy, too. When making your bed, ensure that you also put the pillows back in place and also fold any throws or blankets. You should also take the time to put away any clothes you may have folded on the side or on a chair if you keep one in your bedroom.   

Clean as You Go in the Kitchen 

When we cook, we typically make a mess. And when we’re done making whatever meal we are making, it can be a lot of effort to then face the pots, pans, chopping boards and cutlery that we have used. Counter this by cleaning as you go. For instance, if you are waiting for pasta to cook and have a dirty chopping board, rinse it and quickly scrub it clean. You can also use these moments to load the dishwasher, so when you’ve finished eating, all you have to do is place your dirty dish in the dishwasher and press the ‘start’ button.  

Vacuum Once a Week 

Vacuuming your home does not take as long as you may think it does, especially if you keep on top of it and vacuum once a week. Blitz your home and make sure you get to those tricky corners so that dust doesn’t build up. Make sure you stick to your schedule by spending every Sunday morning, for example, vacuuming your home.  

Bring in Pest Control if Needed 

Dirt, grime, and mess can sometimes attract pests into your home. If this is the case, then you should look into bringing in pest control so that they can eradicate the problem. Look into some of the best pest control companies, such as GreenHow, and see how they can solve a pest problem for you and your family.  

You could also hire a pest control company to help prevent the problem of pests coming into your home in the first place.  

Take the time to keep your home clean and organized so that you can live comfortably and not have to worry about being surrounded by clutter and dirt. Ideally, you should schedule a small spring clean once a week. By doing this, you are keeping on top of the mess and reducing the likelihood of needing to spend hours cleaning your home. Cleaning as you go can help save you time.  

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  • megan allen

    Thank you for the tips! I admit I’m a clean freak and germophobe and its very hard to keep my house clean with four kiddos running around!