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8 Tips for Growing Train Wreck Strain With Feminized Marijuana Seeds

While many marijuana strain names accurately describe what they offer, Trainwreck is not one of them. Trainwreck marijuana offers a clear mental high that is lasting. This strain has a THC level of around 21%, so it is not a strain to take lightly. The euphoria can happen quickly. With this guide, individuals who want to grow Trainwreck will learn some tips that will assist them in growing the Trainwreck strain successfully. 

What Is Trainwreck Marijuana?

Trainwreck is a Sativa-dominant strain. It is a hybrid, and its origins are mysterious. All that is known about this strain is that in 1960, there was a serious train wreck in Arcata, California. Near the wreck, a pair of brothers had been growing marijuana. They thought because of the wreck that people would spot their crops, so they ran to harvest quickly. Whether this is true or not remains to be seen, but people have called this strain Trainwreck since then. Those who want to grow cannabis should follow the tips below. 

8 Tips for Growing Trainwreck

Growing trainwreck strains takes work, but it is not overly difficult. This strain is versatile and grows well in many environments. The following contains information that should help individuals grow this strain successfully. 

1. Trainwreck can be grown indoors or outdoors. This strain requires a warm and dry environment. Should a person grow this strain outdoors, they need to make sure it is protected against frost. 

2. Individuals must trim their Trainwreck plants regularly or they will grow too tall and have very thick stems. Trimming helps this strain to develop better buds. 

3. As soon as Trainwreck enters the flowering stage, no more trimming should be done. Trimming during this stage can prevent the production of buds. 

4. Trainwreck strains need to be fed regularly with potassium, phosphorus, and nitrogen. It is important to test outdoor soil before growing, to determine if these nutrients should be added. 

5. Trainwreck strains can handle a lot of nutrients, but it is possible to overfeed. If nutrient burn occurs, growers should immediately stop feeding and attempt to remove damaged leaves. 

6. Pests and diseases can affect any marijuana strain. Neem oil is a sound way to keep pests and diseases at bay, but it needs to be used according to the directions.

7. Trainwreck plants grow well when they are kept in temperatures between 65-85. When growing outdoors, make sure to plant when temperatures are warm and nighttime temps do not dip below 65 degrees. 

8. This strain grows best in dryer conditions and does not do well with humidity levels over 70%. While it is difficult to control humidity outdoors, growing indoors presents no issues with humidity control. 

Get Started Right Away

Now is a perfect time for individuals to learn more about growing Trainwreck strains. If a person is growing their plants indoors, they can start at any time of the year. For those planning on an outdoor crop, it is best to plant this strain no more than two weeks after the last frost. 

Growing marijuana of any type is a rewarding experience. Growers who grow these crops can rest assured they know the quality and what measures have been used to grow these plants. 

Trainwreck can be harvest in 8-10 weeks after the flowering stage begins. With the right nutrients and conditions, Trainwreck strains grow easily and only need to be trimmed. This strain packs a punch and offers the perfect level of mental clarity to keep you going. 

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