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5 Ways To Get Your Kids To Clean Their Room

Get your kids to clean up. How? It may seem like a challenge, but you could make it happen.  


At an early age, give kids a small weekly task to make them understand the importance of obligation and responsibility. 

Cleaning a room is a small responsibility every kid should understand at an early age. It is your responsibility as a parent to train your kids to be responsible and to immerse themselves in activities that can help them form their self-concept.  

Cleaning a room is a basic task. However, as a parent, you should know that cleaning should not be imposed harshly but naturally. Let your kids understand the importance of keeping a clean and organized room.

As parents, you should be a good influencer to your kids. Maintain a well-organized and clutter-free home and show them the genuine concept of responsibility, obligations and kindness.

Let’s take a look at different ways on how you can get your kids to clean their room!

#1 Make cleaning a game

Cleaning isn’t fun, but it could be interesting if you do it with a twist. Persuade the young ones to play a cleaning game and whoever gets it done quickly and neatly receives a reward. You will be surprised how participative they can be, especially if you offer a slice of cake, a scoop of ice cream or a bag of sweets as a treat.  

Turning cleaning to a game injects fun into the activity. It makes your kids think that cleaning is fun and easy and as they grow older, they will realise how important it is. Sometimes, a little help from you is needed to help them get cleaning!

#2 Write a cleaning checklist

Write a checklist to illustrate what kids need to do and let them mark the task that has been completed. Marking is fun and it boosts their confidence to finish the other cleaning tasks on the checklist. The checklist should also include clear and understandable step-by-step instructions to avoid creating confusion.

Writing a cleaning checklist for your kids gives them a sense of responsibility to complete the task on time. Giving them a timeframe for finishing up is a good responsibility training that should be developed at a young age. Moreover, there is a need to consider the appropriateness of age when entrusting room cleaning responsibilities to your kids.  

#3 Offer Rewards

Rewards are the best motivators. It motivates kids to finish simple home chores such as room cleaning. Rewards also help improve your relationship with the kids.

However, you shouldn’t offer incentives in money or material as it could demotivate them in the future.  Think of a reward or incentive that can help them improve their behavior and feel good about themselves. Watching a movie or going to the park can be a good reward for the kids after the room cleaning. 

#4 Take baby steps

Do not shock them with big cleaning responsibilities. Take it slow, let them work it through and learn to accept that they are not efficient cleaners. Kids should be able to enjoy time with siblings and parents at home without being pressured to do anything.

Learning is a process. As parents, you need to be patient when training your kids to be responsible. Do not impose; instead, let them do it naturally.

#5 Do not yell

Never yell at your kids to make them clean their rooms. Yelling harms your kid’s mental health, decreases self-esteem and confidence, preventing them from focusing and growing up healthy.

Be patient. Explain the importance of maintaining a clean and organized room. In that way, they can be more immersed with other home chores apart from cleaning their rooms. 

Final Say    

Who says making kids clean their rooms is a big challenge? I don’t think so!

There are a few tricks that can be done to persuade kids to clean their rooms. These include offering rewards, writing a checklist, turning cleaning to a game, being diplomatic and taking things slow. These are all easy to handle tasks that can be done even with your eyes closed!

On the other hand, let your kids enjoy their childhood. They should be doing what normal kids do. Be patient and be cool! Play with them, enjoy their company and hug them.

Again, do not impose, make them realise the importance of a clutter-free home or space!

As parents, it is your responsibility to train your kids to become responsible and obedient. Responsibility starts at home and shaped by the environment later in life.  

Lastly,   do not expect them to be efficient cleaners. Let them be or shut the door so you can’t see the mess. Someday, the home will get clean again!

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  • Tamra Phelps

    Lol, I was one of those teens with a messy room. I always said it was an organized mess because I knew where everything was, and it wasn’t ‘dirty’— I dusted and vacuumed—just messy, as in clothes strewn all over. My Mom just rolled her eyes.

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