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5 Ways to Get Your Guest Room Guest-Ready Around the Holidays

You’ve already decked the halls and trimmed the tree. The lights are twinkling outside and the sounds of your favorite Christmas tunes fill your home. Now, it seems, you’re ready for the arrival of holiday guests. But there’s something you’re forgetting. No, not the last batch of sugar cookies in the oven – the guest room. Maybe it’s become a catch-all for all the random junk that doesn’t have a place elsewhere in the home or perhaps it’s been awhile since you’ve decorated. Whatever the case, you can get your guest room guest-ready with these savvy and stylish tips.

Trim the tree … and the windows

The simple addition of window trimmings can virtually transform a room. Dress up your windows with stylish curtains or blinds. Bare windows can let in cool winter drafts, so warm up the room with cozy linen curtains, as this material helps to keep rooms warmer in the winter, yet cooler in the summer months. And whenever you have guests, you can rest-assured that they will be comfortable, with plenty of privacy, to boot.

Deck the halls, and the floors

Got a stain that needs hiding? Carpet seen better days? Forget re-flooring, opt for an area rug. Not only can chic rugs pretty-up unsightly carpet stains, floor runner rugs can be used to bring a room together, pulling various colors from the decor throughout your guest room. Hardwood floors can benefit, too. Area rugs can warm up hard surface flooring – a must during the frigid winter season. If you’re not really a rug person then you can hire someone like Chem-Dry of Perth to deep clean the carpets to get them looking new again. Why not give your whole house done while you’re at it too? After all, your guests will see every part of your house – just their room!

Design sleep-space fit for Good King Wenceslas, and guests

If the bed in your guest room is actually your old lumpy futon from college, it’s time to upgrade. After a long day of travel, your holiday guests will want a comfy spot to kick up their heels. Give them hotel-level comfort with a luxe new king size mattress. But don’t think you have to make a special trip to the nearest mattress store. Simply order a new mattress online and it will be delivered in a box to your doorstep. Spruce up the new mattress with fresh sheets, soft linens and plush throw pillows to complete the look.

Tidiness of joy, for you and your kin

The guest room isn’t a catch-all for misfit toys. Clean up a cluttered guest room in a snap by optimizing the storage space around the bed. Think under-bed drawers, bedside cabinets and nightstands with plenty of storage potential. Clutter? What clutter?

Silent night, lots of light

The Christmas season ought to be merry and bright. You can brighten up your guest room by adding a mirror. Yes, the easy addition of a mirror can boost the effect of natural lighting in a room, that’s if it is placed opposite a window. Plus, this trick can also make a tiny or smaller guest room feel a little bit larger, too. Add even more light with a warm-toned bedside lamp or a freestanding floor lamp.

With these tips your guest room will be comfy and cozy for the holidays and year-round. Next year, word might travel and you might get a knock on the door from cousin Eddie Griswold. Everyone will want to take a Christmas Vacation at your place.


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