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5 Tips To Hire A House Sitting Service You Can Trust

As more and more people take long trips, the popularity of professional house sitting services is on the rise. After all, nothing can make your holiday more stress-free than knowing that you have a responsible professional looking after your place while you are away. This is all the more important if you have pets to be taken care of because they can also be left to the house sitter rather than having to spend on pet boarding. Although there are extensive benefits of engaging a professional house sitter, you will be able to avail them only if you choose the right service provider. Let us give you some tips for hiring someone you can trust.

Make up your mind first

First things first, you need to be sure that you want a professional looking after your place rather than entrusting this responsibility to a friend or family member. You may be tempted to opt for the latter just to save some dollars but having an expert handle the job is a much smarter decision. They will take the job more seriously, in addition to being well equipped to set things right in case of an emergency. Moreover, they can give you pet sitting as a value adding service.

Browse house sitting websites

While you can ask around for recommendations of professional house sitting services, it would be much smarter to search online. Not only will you have more options to compare and decide, but can also read the reviews of real customers to fairly judge their service quality. Moreover, you can just browse and find out more about the service list they cover to ensure that they match your requirements.

Do your homework

Before you choose a service provider, do thorough research to understand their offerings and compare pricing. Though this may take some time, the benefits make it worthwhile. The article “The Ultimate Guide to Maintaining an Unoccupied Home” from Estate Sitting explains that a hiring professional house sitter is a great way to stay connected to your home when you are away and can provide you with peace of mind.

Describe your situation properly

Once you have shortlisted the best choice, describe your situation and requirements properly. For instance, if you have to leave your pets behind, your house sitter should be willing and able to take care of them as a part of the deal. Ensure that you have someone who is capable of handling your requirements end-to-end, for the period you require them to do it.

Convey expectations thoroughly

Even though house sitters are expected to do a great job, don’t expect them to be mind readers. Special instructions like giving a medication to a pet or watering a plant at a specific time of the day should be conveyed thoroughly. Sharing a written checklist is even a better idea as it ensures that the sitter will fulfill the responsibility well enough.

These tips are extremely useful for homeowners, whether they wish to engage a professional house sitter for the first time or subsequently. Finding the right one would result in long-term collaboration and you may use the services time and again.