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5 Services a Dentist in Tarzana Can Offer You

Even if you have no dental issues, it’s still important to have regular cleanings and exams. After all, your teeth are the most crucial feature of your face, so it’s essential to keep them healthy. A reputed dentist in Tarzana, CA, can help you ensure your oral health. There are over 1,800 licensed dentists in Tarzana. Here in this article, there are five services that a dentist in Tarzana can offer you. Read on to know. 

1. Cleaning Your Teeth 

The most obvious way for your dentist to help is with regular teeth cleanings. Since plaque and tartar can build up on your teeth, it’s essential to have that professionally removed. 

That prevents deep cleaning, which is more invasive and often happens. You can either schedule an appointment every six months or every year, but you should brush twice a day yourself in between appointments. 

2. Fillings 

When you take care of your teeth, there won’t be a lot of cavities or other problems. But sometimes, you’ll need an emergency filling or a crown. 

A root canal may be in order even if you have severe tooth pain. They also take care of other oral issues like broken teeth and lost dental work.  

If you have cavities, getting them filled is another vital service your Tarzana dentist can do for you. This will allow your tooth to be restored to its standard shape and size, so it’s protected against breakage or other problems. 

Thus, the cavity should not affect the integrity of the tooth, which alone is a bonus since teeth with cavities are more likely to experience tooth decay over time. 

3. Crowns, Bridges, and Veneers 

Dentists can also provide you with crowns or bridges in Tarzana that will be customized to fit your mouth correctly. That ensures they are comfortable when eating or drinking anything hot or cold.  

Crowns are similar to a filling, but they are a more extensive restoration covering the entire tooth. Bridges cover a gap in your teeth and can be attached to other surrounding teeth for support.  

Veneers are a covering meant to protect or enhance your enamel by changing its color or shape. If you have small, misshapen, or broken teeth, you can fix them with these dental treatments. 

4. Straighten Your Teeth 

You may have crooked teeth that aren’t as beautiful as you want them to be. If this is the case, there are many procedures dentists in Tarzana can offer to make your smile look better. 

For instance, you can move some teeth into different positions with braces or other appliances. You may also need to use retainers after the braces are removed to keep your teeth in place. 

Your teeth can also be filed down if they’re too long, which is another vital thing some people want to do. On the other hand, some people choose veneers and crowns to make their teeth even more beautiful. 

5. Preventive Care 

This is perhaps an essential dental service a dentist in Tarzana can provide for you: preventing problems before they happen! That’s why it’s necessary to maintain regular appointments and do your oral hygiene at home. 

That keeps your mouth clean and healthy, which means you won’t have to worry about the dentist too much. After all, your mouth is one of the essential parts of your face, so you want it to look great! 

Final Thoughts 

If you need a Tarzana dentist, be sure to book regular cleanings at the very least. If you have lots of dental work to keep track of, then remember that your dentist can help! 

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  • Lauryn R

    I do not live in Tarzana, but it’s good to know that there are good dentists there. I have recently had to schedule to get an old root canal redone, something that I never thought would happen! But good oral health is so important, it’s crazy how much our teeth can affect our overall health.

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