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5 Great Ways to Make Coffee at Home

Did you know that 64% of Americans find themselves sipping on at least one cup of coffee per day?

People find their perfect way of fitting coffee into their daily routine. For some people, having coffee looks like grabbing a cup from a nearby shop on their way to work. Other people may wake up extra early just to sip in the quiet early hours. 

Some people use fancy Nangsta creamers and simple syrups to customize their drinks. Others find enjoyment in pure black coffee. The love is in how you make it. 

Are you looking for different ways to make coffee in the morning? Check out five great coffee brewing methods below. 

1. French Press

If you’re in search of something simple, using a French Press is the way to go. Purchase a good French Press and some organic coffee grounds to get started. You can also buy your own bean grinder if you’re working with whole beans.

This method of coffee-making only takes about 10-12 minutes, and it delivers a rich cup. It’s the perfect method to use as you prepare for work in the mornings. 

2. Classic Coffeemaker

Every good morning starts at the coffeemaker. It’s one of the most classic ways to brew coffee. Make sure you have some coffee filters ready to go!

All you have to do is dump in your grounds, pour in some water, and wait for the magic to happen. The fun comes in when you start exploring different creamers you enjoy. Try a simple vanilla creamer or warm-up winter mornings with a delicious peppermint. 

3. Pour Over

The pour over coffee method is one of the oldest coffee brewing methods. It delivers a flavorful cup for all involved.

Make sure when selecting your grounds to use that you use fresh grounds for a rich taste. Most local coffee shops will grind fresh beans once you purchase them. You should also check out ICT Coffee.

4. Moka Pot

The Moka Pot uses the pressure from hot steam to craft the perfect cup.

It makes an extremely strong cup of coffee, close to espresso style. This method is perfect for anyone who usually needs an extra burst of energy. 

5. Cold Brew

Using a cold brew method is the best way to make coffee during the hot summer months.

This method leaves grounds soaking in water for about eight hours so make sure you give yourself plenty of time. Once it’s soaked, pour it through a filter, and you’re good to go. 

Plenty of Perfect Ways to Make Coffee

Are you on the search for new ways to make coffee? There are plenty of methods to try out for the perfect cup. All you need now is your favorite mug. 

If you want to keep it simple, invest in a coffeemaker or French Press. For a strong cup, you’ll want to pick up a Moka Pot for yourself. No matter what, it’s important to use fresh, ethically sourced coffee beans.

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