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5 Fun & Educational Online Games That Are Perfect For The Kiddos

Do you ever find your self bored and looking for something to pass the time but that does not break the bank? What about the kids in your life? I stumbled upon some really fun cool and free online games that are perfection for the kiddos and honestly… I find myself getting really into them so they are also perfect for those big kids in your life too. In all honesty, web-based online games are a real treasure for us parents, especially since they are free. These games are not only fun for your child to play but they are also educational meaning that they can teach, engage and stimulate your child’s senses and so much more. Below I am going to share a few of mine and my kids favorite online games that are free and that the whole family will love playing!

Burger Shop

Where were these cool games when I was a kid? Seriously technology has really brought forth lots of free resources and games to keep the whole gang entertained and the Burger Shop game is one of our favorites. Burger Shop is a timed 10-stage burger restaurant simulation game in which players must serve the customer’s order quickly and precisely. It is really a lot of fun and even I was loving this one. You have to be quick to build all of the burgers your customers want before they get impatient and leave plus you can also unlock additional toppings along the way to up the difficulty level as well. The way to play is pretty easy once yo get the hang of it and I think my kids picked up on it faster than I did.

Tip 1: You will look at the customer’s thought bubble to see what they want. You will see the toppings they want too in the picture and keep in mind placement to match the customers picture is important.

Tip 2: The first step in any order… grab a tray. The tray will land on the counter as a surface to catch the food you are making for the customer.

Tip 3: Here is where you will build their burger from the bottom up. The meat is pre-cooked so no cooking required you just click on a burger patty and then click on a bun to grab a bun. This is where you will now construct the burger from the bottom ingredient to the top ingredient and make sure you place exactly as the customer has pictured it with toppings placed exactly as they request. If you don’t the food will be rejected and you will have to do it over.

Tip 4: Once you made their food to their specifications, you click on the tray to serve the customer and the person will then get their order and the money will go next to the cash register meaning you made that sale! IF you take too long… they will walk off and you miss the sale or sales.

Tip 5: The best part is that as you advance through the game, you will unlock additional toppings such as cucumber, lettuce, and tomato and even sausages, sides like fries and donuts plus drinks!

Tip 6: As mentioned above when you click on the tray when the order is done, you automatically collect the customer’s payment near the cash register to complete their order.

Tip 7: Throughout the game you will run low on goods… buns, burgers, toppings, etc…. and you can use coins just by clicking on them to buy more goods.

Tip 8: Last but not least..  reach your daily goals to move on to the next level and increase difficulty!

My kids love Burger Shop as do I and I highly recommend you check it out for your kid or kids! So much fun ad lov watching the kids get excited. while playing it.

Cooking Fever

Cooking Fever is actually hands down my favorite of all of the games. I can get lost in this one trying to reach my goals and just have so much fun playing it as does my daughter. This is a 50 stage burger lunch cart sim game in which players serve cheeseburgers, fries and drinks to hungry customers. It is fast paced and I love that it upgrades throughout to make it easier to serve faster which ultimately increases difficulty which I love too. With 50 stages of difficulty you will be playing for along time and challenged throughout as well. The way you play is super simple… and it is pretty easy to get the hang of too…..

Tip 1: Take a look at each customers thought bubble…. as this is where you will see what they want from you. Drinks, a burger… and on and on I can go.

Tip 2: The point of the game is to serve customers quickly and to get in as many orders as possible to pass that particular level. The game will give you a goal that you have to hit for each level and at some point will also suggest upgrading to be able to handle the workload if you are not making the goals. That happened a few times to me and it makes such a difference to save that money and upgrade when you can.

Tip 3: Just like the real fast food restaurants, you can prepare hamburgers, buns, and fries in advance so that when a customer orders you already have it ready. This helps for those busy spurts you will encounter throughout the game too.

Tip 4: The game works in stages and they can be different in terms of goals. Each and every stage in the game has a goal at the start, think….earning a certain amount of income, serving a certain number of customers, getting a certain number of likes from your customers and even earning so much in tips.

Tip 5: You simply achieve each level or daily goal for each game and move on to the next one. If you don’t beat it… you keep retrying until you do!

Tip 6: I also love that you can replay previously beat levels so that you can collect the income that you earn for each so that you can use it to purchase better ingredients, unlock more ranges, add more serving plates, add the ability to make multiple sodas at once and ultimately to serve customers quicker.

Hidden Food

This is my little Scarlet’s favorite of the games… Hidden Food. Hidden Food is a hidden objects search game in which you must find foods or kitchen appliances. It is like a ‘Where is Waldo” but via a foodie game. It is so much fun and I love it too as it gets harder and harder every time you find everything you are supposed to per level. I love it as it gets harder and you and your kids will too. Playing is super easy on this one……

Tip 1: The game gives you a few item at the top of the screen to look for in the hidden food pics below. There is a number next to each item and that is how many are in the hidden food collage. You simply look at the top of the game to see the items you need to find in the search plus the remaining level time and how many of each item must be found.

Tip 2: You then quickly click on the items as soon as you see them in the collage of pics that the items are hidden in and then repeat the process until all items are found.

Tip 3: As you advance through the game it grows more difficult due to needing to find more types of items, more of each type of item, and the items on the board becoming more densely packed.

Tip 4: If you do not find an item for a period of time one of the remaining items you need to find will wiggle back and forth, making it easier to spot. It kind of tries to grab your attention to help you find it.

Tip 5: If you fail any of the levels you can replay it an unlimited number of times until you get it and then move forward.

So much fun and your kids will love it. It is pretty easy to pick up too and gets that brain working to search and find objects amongst all of the other ones and as it gets harder it is a thick collage of items that make the reach challenging.

Chocolate Shop

Chocolate Shop is one that my kids and I love too. You basically run a chocolate store and serve customers for money. It is lots of fun and challenging to try and get it all done in time without upsetting a customer. It is a timed 10-stage confectionary store simulation game that will provides hours of fun and basically players show customers the order options via a menu when they come in and then you have to deliver them promptly so that the customer leaves satisfied and you make your money! How it works is simple…..

Tip 1: You bring a menu to each customer and once they have decided on what they want…. a thought bubble will show their order, along with how much patience they have to wait for you to deliver it. A timer basically….

Tip 2: You then go to the appropriate machine to make the type of chocolate or other food they wish to purchase and make it… the machine will get to working right away.

Tip 3: Once the item is ready you go and pick it up and bring the order to the customer.

Tip 4: Periodically you will find that the shop will slow down. As that happens a thought bubble shows you could speed up by having a coffee. Love that!

Tip 5: You then collect the customer’s payment to complete the transaction by clicking multiple times on the coins and bills.

Tip 6: Reach your daily transaction goal before the timer runs out to beat the stage and then you get more equipment to make more items.

Tip 7: I thought this was really cool as customers can also phone in orders, though the phone doesn’t show the patience indicator which other customers display.

Tip 8: As you advance through the game your range of products increases & you have to wrap some of the chocolates in gift packaging. This ups the difficulty level and keeps the game fun and challenging.

Tip 9: For machines that only create one product you can leave a product pre-made so it is ready. For machines which can make 2 products at the same time you can pre-make one option so it is ready plus you can carry 2 items at a time.

I love this Chocolate Shop game as it really gets you planning when you have some down time during a slow period….plus you can make some items in advance to help you with those busier times of the day. I love that it teaches time management and prioritization as well.

Sort The Trash

I loved Sort The Trash for the kids as it teaches them about what is and what is not recyclable via a fun recycling collecting game. Basically players move the recycling bin across the screen to collect recyclable items falling from the sky while avoiding the garbage that is not allowed in the recycling bin. It is a great way to show them what is and what is not recyclable in a fun and educational way that plays like a game. Where we live in PA you have a recycling garbage can and a traditional garbage can and knowing what can go in the recycling bin and what cannot is super important. Playing is pretty easy too…..

Tip 1: To play you simply drag the bin from side to side collecting recyclables along the way including…. including bottles, cartons, and cans.

Tip 2: Also while dragging to collect the recyclables from side to side you have to avoid the things that are not recyclable. Think…. batteries, straws, plastic bags, and compost items like apples, eggs, bananas, or used paper coffee cups.

Tip 3: It can be tough as you have to avoid missing recyclables with your bin or else you will get a strike.

Tip 4: Similarly, if you collect a non-recyclable items you will get a strike too.

Tip 5: When you get 3 strikes… the game is over and you have to start again. I love it because it is not easy but challenging which always makes it fun!

Tip 6: As you advance through the game the items fall faster making it harder to collect without making a mistake.

Tip 7: See how many recyclables you can collect before losing and challenge yourself over and over!

So what do you think of these games that are perfect for those kiddos in your life and even for people like myself…. the big kids in your life!? In this day and age that we are living in with technology and more… it is so easy to find ways to spend and pass the time via fun online games. The trick is to find some that are not only a blast to play but that are also educational for the kids. Make sure to check out a few of the online games listed above and keep in mind that these are mine and my kids favorites but that there are lots more to choose from in all categories that suit your states. Free online game are savvy and are my go-to so check out the fun and free games listed above for you and yours today and get ready to have lots of fun! You will wonder where the time went!

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