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5 Apps You Need to Install During Lockdown

As COVID-19 continues to create upheaval throughout the world, people need useful apps as a way to avoid the horror of the pandemic. As of now, the stock market is getting one hit after another. Furthermore, SMEs are losing customers and struggling to maintain productivity standards.

With the use of straightforward and helpful apps, businesses and individuals can bring back the normalcy. Sure, the current state of the world is frightening. Therefore, it is even more vital to install captivating apps that encourage you to follow social distancing and other preventive measures.

Whether you are part of a family or organization, the use and access of the right app at the right time can make all the difference. Keeping that in mind, here are top five (5) apps that deserve your attention during quarantine:

1.    Skoove

Music is the ultimate art form that can help you influence your behavior. Whether you want to remain productive, learn notes, or simply want to be in a good mood, music has the power to render that desired effect.

Skoove is arguably the best music learning app you can find online. The virtual guidance allows you to take one lesson at a time and as well as offers feedback in real-time. It means you can play while listening to the player.

How Does it Work?

The app uses artificial intelligence to listen to your melodies and help you get better at it. The more you unlock accomplishments, the more chances you will have to play your beloved piece of music. Simultaneously, you can check videos to learn proper hand technique and positions.

You can check out their incredible online piano lessons. And before you know it, you will be able to identify various keys and notes without hesitation. With enough practice, you can even play those famous Bach and Schubert bars. You can get access to your piano lessons and favorite songs with a 7-day trial free of cost.

2.    Happify

After learning to enjoy music, keeping an eye on your mental health should be one of your top priorities. Although there is an ocean of mental health-related apps, Happify is a unique app in itself. And that is because it serves a valuable purpose.

It offers guidance, such as controlling anxiety and boosting confidence. The best aspect is that you do not necessarily have to learn numerous guidance activities on your own. In fact, you can get in touch with trained and professional coaches.

After that, you can play different mental health activities to achieve progress. It is an excellent app for solace and can help you sleep as well. Whether you want to manage your stress, reduce anxiety, or sleep better, Happify app has something for everyone.

For instance, you can learn new mindful skills that can help you out in your indoor workouts. You can download the free version and then dive into in-app purchase choices.

3.    Teledoc

Managing your health data can be quite stressful and time-consuming. And maintaining your health information is even more crucial during a global pandemic. Often, the details can easily overlap or become foggy that might not be clear to your doctor or other medical professionals to make the right decision.

The Teledoc is a top-notch health app that allows you to manage your personal and entire family’s health data in a single place. You can connect the app to a certified physician via phone, video call, or text. After that, an available practitioner can make a diagnosis as per your medical history and prescribe the required medication over the video chat or phone.

It is a useful app to install if you have allergies or respiratory infections like flu or COVID-19. You will, however, need an insurance or recommendation to get in touch with a certified medical practitioner. So long as you are covered, you can avail the benefits of the app.

4.    Marquee TV

If you love classical or contemporary cultural and performance arts, then this is the app you should install on your smartphone for pure entertainment. You do not have to have extensive cultural awareness to enjoy the Marquee TV app.

You can watch the best opera, sole dance performances, theatre performances, and as well as documentaries. To make things interesting, you can invite other people to watch your favorite performances or documentaries.

The app gets a high recommendation from world-renowned theater artists and performers. You can subscribe to the app for straight 30 days free of charge.

5.    Wordfeud

The list would not be complete without the inclusion of a gaming app. However, there are way too many game-oriented apps online. So, why not install a gaming app that does more than to drive boredom away. 

There is a good chance you would eventually get sick of playing FPS (first-person-shooter) and card games. Wordfeud, however, is more like a challenging gaming app that includes scrabble and puzzles. You can even challenge your friends, family members, or colleagues finding double words, double letters, or triple word tiles.

And if you emerge victoriously, you can compare scores against your opponents. You can, of course, play word games with random individuals and create challenges. Similarly, there are various placements of tiles throughout the game. The app has more than 30 different word-related games.

Final Thoughts

The design and purpose of these apps is to help you get busy during the pandemic. And as the virus progresses, it is even more vital to make the most out of these great apps. Whether you work from home or part of a service industry, people need to adapt to new behavior that will serve as prevention measures.

And these video, music, meditative, health, and interactive social apps can help you access resourceful information to learn new things, stay positive, and maintain distance from COVID-19 contagious individuals.

Besides, you need an active mindset more than ever. Boredom, after all, can be dangerous. It can affect your personality and influence you to make irrational decisions. Therefore, install these apps to play music, monitor your health, conduct video chats, solve word problems, learn about cultural programs, and mediate.

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