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5 Annoying Reasons Why Groceries Are Eating All Your Budget 

Your grocery bills are rising — for more reasons than one. Below you’ll find out why you’re spending more on food today, and some ideas on what to do about it. 

Why Are Rising Grocery Costs Hard to Handle? 

If you live on a limited budget, you only have so much cash to work with. You might even be living paycheck to paycheck, which means you have next to nothing left over after you pay for the essentials.  

In this situation, you may not have savings. And without those, you may be vulnerable to any unexpected expense that comes your way.  

If one arrives before you can replenish your savings, you may need to take out a loan online. If you’re approved to get your next loan online, it can give you a boost when you’re dealing with a burst pipe or blown tire.  

But in many cases, online loans are reserved for unexpected emergencies. While feeding your family may feel urgent at times, it’s not an unexpected expense.  

That means online loans aren’t a viable option when you fall short of what you need to buy food. This puts a lot of hard-working people in a tough spot.  

Why Are You Paying More for Groceries? 

1. Inflation 

No, you’re not imagining things. That carton of spinach and can of tuna cost more than they did last year. Inflation and supply chain issues have pushed up the prices at every grocery store across the country.  

2. You Eat a Lot of Meat and Dairy 

Meat and dairy are some of the hardest food items hit by inflation. So, if your tenderloin and yoghurt pots are to blame for a big bill, it’s time to treat them like a luxury. Reducing how often you indulge in these items could help you save at the till. Instead, try making meals based on ultra-cheap rice and legumes. 

3. You Didn’t Use a Coupon 

Think couponing isn’t worth it? While it’s true, individual coupons may not save a ton of money on their own, they have power when you use them together. If you find a coupon on almost every item on your list, you can pay significantly less for your basket of groceries.  

You stand to save even more if you can stack them. Stacking coupons means you can use multiple coupons on the same item, bringing its price down to a few pennies.  

4. You’re Eating More 

Most people’s metabolisms change with the seasons. You’re more likely to bulk up on calorie-rich meals that keep you warm and satiated for longer in the winter. While this is normal, it does mean you may be spending more than usual.  

5. You Live in a Food Desert 

You live in a food desert if your nearest grocery store is far away. You either have to take public transit or drive a long time before you can shop. And when you arrive, your grocery store might not be fully stocked with fresh produce.  

Unfortunately, much like inflation, there’s not much you can do to change the way your grocery store prices its products. But you can look into becoming more self-sufficient by growing your favorite veg in planters and pots. 

Bottom Line 

Eating well can be hard on your wallet, now more than ever. So don’t be surprised if your groceries cost more. Follow the tips you learned here today to try and reduce how big a bite food takes out of your budget. 


  • gloria patterson

    Good tips!! Have not been to the store in about 3 weeks and was totally surprised yesterday. I picked up a 6 pk of coke and it was over 6 dollars. I decided I didn’t need it. I also noticed a lot of the prices are really going up that is if you can find it. I have to work harder at making a shopping list and getting coupons for my items.

    • mcushing7

      It is absolute craziness for sure. Meat, eggs, milk…. my cats litter for goodness sake has skyrocketed! I will be using those coupons too!

  • Dawn Mielke

    I’ve been watching prices increase everywhere. Yet, my income remains the same. So, I cut out the expensive items and treats. But I have to watch carefully because I need to follow Low carb diet, so the low cost Mac and cheese is off the table and others like it. I did purchase a dehydrator so when fruits/veggies are in season and costs less, I can preserve them. One has to really think and be creative.

    • mcushing7

      These are great tips and even if you got. raise… the inflation erases it so creative ideas like these are a must!

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