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5 Amazing Ways to Organize Your Closet Easily

Do you want to organize your closet mess and save as much space as possible? Here are 5 amazing cheap closet ideas to keep your room organized.

Is your closet bursting at the seams? Does it take you extra time to get ready because you can’t find anything?

Organizing your clothes with cheap closet ideas helps tame the mess and saves you time in the morning.

You don’t need a fancy walk-in closet with custom built-ins to keep your clothes tidy.

Follow these five tips to work with the space you have and get your clothes in order.

1. Eliminate Clothes

Before you start organizing, cut down your clothing collection as much as possible. If you’re like most people, you have plenty of clothes you don’t wear.

One survey showed on average women say that 21% of their clothes are unwearable. Another 12% of clothes in the average woman’s closet haven’t ever been worn.

Get rid of clothes that don’t fit. That includes not just things that are too big or too small but also poorly fitting things in your size. If it hangs funny, looks frumpy, or otherwise doesn’t fit well, get rid of it.

You can also free up more space in your closet by packing away off-season clothes in plastic totes. As the seasons change, rotate the seasonal things in and out, so only current clothes are in the closet.

When everything is out of the closet, clean it to start fresh. 

2. Sort What’s Left

Sort the remaining clothes into piles based on clothing type. This might include tops, pants, skirts, dresses, shoes, and accessories.

You might also sort based on use. Examples include work, casual, loungewear, workout gear, and dressy clothes.

You might even have a fun clothing category such as clothes from Frenchie Closet for your dog.

Within each category, you can organize more. You might sort the clothes by color for example. This makes it easier to pair pieces together.

3. Add Closet Organizers

If your current closet space doesn’t give you many organizational opportunities, consider a closet organizer kit. You can customize the storage areas with shelves, hanging spaces, shoe racks, and drawers available. 

Inexpensive closet organizers are easy to adjust to fit your closet space.

You can also add a second closet rod and use inexpensive baskets, bins, or tubs to organize your clothes.

Add hooks on the wall for accessories. Over-the-door closet organizers also work well for shoes and accessories and give you more storage space.

4. Place Most-Worn Clothes Conveniently

The spots that are easiest to see and access should be reserved for the clothes you wear most often. You can find what you need quickly, which saves you time in the morning.

5. Keep Up Your Organization

Closet organization isn’t a one-time project. It’ll quickly go back to a messy, disorganized space if you don’t continuously organize.

When you wash laundry, put clothes away in the designated spots. If you try on multiple outfits, hang things up that you don’t choose.

At least once or twice per month, do a closet check to make sure everything is still tidy.

You might also decide to change your organizational method. Try different ways of sorting your clothes to see what works best for you.

Organize With Cheap Closet Ideas

With cheap closet ideas, you can tackle your clothing and keep things tidy. You’ll save time when you get ready, and you’ll feel better about your organized space.

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