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4 Solutions To Make Your Customers’ Lives Easier

Any business owner knows that your customers are what drives success for your company. But what you might not realize is that your current setup is driving more customers away than it is bringing in. You will have to ask yourself why this is happening. One key reason for this drop in customers is that they find your company too complicated to deal with. It gives them a headache every time they think about working with you, so you must find ways to improve the experience and make life easier for them. 

Develop An Easy-to-Navigate Website 

Everything is done online nowadays. People no longer shop for a long time in stores. Instead, they look up what they need online and then rush in for five minutes to purchase it. However, this can be a frustrating experience if your website is not up to scratch. If you make items difficult to locate, then people will leave your website and look at one of the many other eCommerce websites around. Because of this, you should take a look at your website and call for a redesign if you find it unsuitable. 

Optimize Your Systems 

Along the same lines, optimizing your systems by shifting information to the cloud when you migrate to AWS or speeding up your page load times will also keep customers around. The average wait time before people log close a window is about three seconds, so you must make sure that your website fits within this time frame. Optimizing your systems is a fantastic way to make your employees’ lives easier, too, as they should be able to access vital customer information from anywhere should they need to call in regarding an issue. 

Get Customer Feedback 

You won’t know how and where to improve without first obtaining customer feedback. If you run a brick and mortar store, including a small leaflet in their shopping bag after they pay with a survey can give you the information you need. For eCommerce, feel free to send a followup email after a purchase, which will also reduce waste. While most customers won’t engage with this survey, there will always be a few who want to let you know what you did well, or what you could have done better so you can implement changes where possible. 

Make Your Agents Accessible 

One problem that affects customer satisfaction is when they find it impossible to get in touch with a customer service agent. However, this can be a tricky thing to manage. Your small business may not be able to afford to hire more people, so you’ll find it challenging to make your agents more available. Using the best live chat apps for ecommerce customer support, or the industry you work in, will be a great decision to increase customer happiness.

You can also find a solution in thing like chatbots or outsourcing your customer service demands, as this will enable you to manage more calls and emails at once without causing long wait times over the phone that always puts customers off your business. 

The Easy Life

The easier the experience for your customers, the more likely they will be to come back to you in the future. This can give you a solid base of loyal clients, who will then pass on their praise to others, allowing you to slowly but surely build your empire. 

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