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4 Must-Haves for Anyone Who Loves Stationery

4 Must-Haves for Anyone Who Loves Stationery

In today’s highly digital world, the beauty of pen and paper has resurfaced. Despite the ease and convenience of being able to take notes using an app or the ability to send an email or an instant message versus a letter, nothing can replace the feeling of putting a pen to paper. If you’re a stationery lover, there are some definite must-haves that you’ll want to have within reach. Here are 4 items that you’ll want to invest in to make you fall even deeper in awe of stationery.

1)A Variety of Rubber Stamps

While there are some beautiful pre-printed stationery sets that you can purchase, why not take your love a step further and make your own designs? Rubber stamps can be used to add all sorts of designs and textures to stationery paper. Use these stamps to decorate your daily planner or to create handmade holiday postcards – the options are endless! One of the best ways to get your collection started is to order rubber stamps online where you’ll find hundreds of options.

Of course, if you’re buying rubber stamps, you’ll need ink. For stamping on paper, there are many options. Dye-based ink can be used on all sorts of paper and is permanent. While the ink dries quickly, it is prone to fading, so you’ll want to keep your stationery out of direct sunlight. If you’re looking for eye-catching designs, give pigment ink a try. This type of ink dries on top of the paper and produces vivid colors. To use this ink on glossy paper, you’ll need to use heat to ensure it sets.

2)Personalized Stationery

Creating your own stationery is exciting, but it’s also time-consuming. Want something unique but don’t want to make it on your own? You’re in luck! There are a variety of companies that create personalized stationery, including Minted, Crane, American Stationery, Letterstream certified mail online, and many others! You can use personalized stationery for all sorts of purposes including:

  • Unique wedding invitations and response cards
  • Post cards
  • Business cards, letterhead and other official documents
  • Daily planner
  • Notecards/post-it notes

One of the biggest benefits of personalized stationery, is the idea that you can keep things personal. If you’re using personalized stationery for business purposes, like letter headed paper or self adhesive labels, you’ll boost your brand’s recognition and uniqueness. Customers will appreciate something tangible. If you’re using personalized stationery for personal reasons, anyone who receives a letter or note is sure to appreciate it. It’s one thing to send a handwritten letter on a plain white paper. But, sending a letter on personalized stationery shows that you took the time to use something beautiful and thoughtful.

The bottom line is that personalized stationery makes you and your recipients feel special. You can count on your paper not ending up in the trash! In a world where we receive the same emails as hundreds of others and the same boring black and white letters, anything different is always appreciated and valued.

3)Fun Accessories

Having nice stationery is one thing, but being able to use your stationery in style makes things even better. Spruce up your writing with fun colored pens or pencils with a custom message. With a cute case, you’re all set! Tired of using boring post-it notes? Give hand-drawn sticky notes a try to allow your creative side to shine through, even if you’re just telling your co worker they missed a phone call. But if plain sticky notes like this product from Writey, for example is what someone prefers, there are other ways that people can be creative when it comes to stationary. Stickey notes are an essential for any note taker and office environment.

Embrace the digital world with cool emoji stickers or stay traditional with a set of colorful paper clips.

When it comes to stationery and accessories, the options are truly endless. The right accessories will make writing and note-taking that much more exciting. Check out craft stores, online paper stores, and even places like Etsy to find accessories.

4)A Wax Seal Stamp

If you like stationery, chances are you love the old ways of wax seals and handwritten letters. Give your letters, postcards, and other pieces of mail a signature touch by using a wax seal stamp. In stores you’ll find stamps with initials or a design, but if you’re looking for something truly unique, look into a custom-made wax seal stamp. Have a stamp designed with you and your spouse’s initials to mark your upcoming wedding or have a stamp designed with your company’s logo. Wax seals add a touch of elegance and class to anything!


If you’re a stationery lover, don’t go any longer without these 4 items! From stamps to wax seals, there are all sorts of items that will take your love of stationery to a whole new level. It’s the holiday season; why not treat yourself to a gift that fuels your creative juices? Here’s to all stationery lovers.

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