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4 Careers That Let You Work Outside

When you’re in school, you dream about what you want to be in your life. Most people think about careers and they picture working in an office but not many consider the range of outdoor professions there are to think about. Who wants to be stuck in a stuffy office if they can work outside when they can? 

Other than the obvious drawbacks of working in poor weather conditions, there are so many reasons that you should consider working outside in your next career move, and working in the confines of a cubicle may not work for you. Don’t panic though, because whether you’re looking into dog trainer insurance and plan to walk dogs for cash, or you are looking at workplace options that allow you to travel while you work, you will find so many opportunities. There are a range of jobs that allow you to spend most of your time out in the open air. 

1) Landscaper. Do you love nature? Are you a fan of interior design? If you put those things together, you’ll come up with the role of being a landscaper. Getting outside into the gardens and creating a whole new vision for beautiful plants and flowers is a great way to spend your time. You’ll be doing a lot of planting, cutting and lifting and you’ll be able to spend all of your time out in the sunshine, too. Whether you do landscaping for homes or for businesses, you’ll be working with nature every day to come up with plans that make exterior spaces beautiful.

2) Dog walker. You might be interested in dog training, but dog walking is another way to get your steps in every day while also ensuring that you can walk the dogs that others don’t have time to walk. You have to be okay with getting a little muddy from time to time, but you’ll be out of the house and it’s a great way to work! 

3) Park keeper. Whether you want to work security or you want to keep the parks in your local area looking beautiful, a park keeping job could be for you. Being in charge of a park isn’t actually an easy job. There’s a lot that you can do with a park, from keeping it clean and tidy to policing it for vandalism, but you get to spend your time patrolling and on your feet.

4) Lifeguard. Are you lucky enough to live by the beach? If so, being a lifeguard is going to mean that you have to keep an eye on the safety of beachgoers and it’s a role that means that you could end up possibly saving a life! It’s a high pressure job, but it’s one that is worth it if you love the ocean! Being able to work outside here is exciting but you need to ensure that you have your sunscreen at the ready!

Working outside is a great way to spend your time if you are looking for something against the grain!

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