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3 Ways To Manage Your Personal Development And Reach Your Career Goals

Personal development is so important if you want to advance your career, but a lot of people don’t put enough thought into it. The business world is competitive, and if you want to land promotions and move forward, you need to make yourself the most attractive candidate. It’s important that you have the right qualifications and experience, but personal development extends a lot further than this. It’s about the extra skills that you have and the qualities that make you a good fit for whatever career you are going after. It is important that you are always looking for personal development opportunities if you want to get ahead. These are some of the best ways to manage your personal development and achieve your career goals. 

Know Your Personality Type 

There are a lot of people out there that choose the wrong career and they struggle to progress because they are not playing to their strengths and their personality type. You may not know this, but there are 9 distinct personality types that most people fit into. The Enneagram Personality Test is a test that can help your personal growth by showing you what kind of person you are. It will tell you whether you are suited to leadership positions, whether you work best on your own, or whether you are a creative kind of person. When you start to understand personality types, it also teaches you how to communicate with different types of people, which is vital when you are trying to build professional relationships. 

Set Clear Goals 

Personal development is impossible if you don’t have clear goals to aim for. Those goals may be specific short term goals, like getting a promotion or a new position at another company. They may also be goals to do with further education as well, but you should also think about wider goals. For example, are you driven mainly by money or are you looking for a career that gives you the opportunity to help people? Perhaps you want short working hours and a lot of autonomy. It’s important that you decide on your goals so you can direct your personal development. 

Develop A Training Plan 

Once you have goals set, you need to start developing a training plan that you can stick to. For example, if one of your goals is to move into a management role in the next 2 years, you need to think about ways that you can improve your skills and prepare yourself for that. Consider asking your boss for more responsibility so you can demonstrate your leadership skills, and look into online management courses that you can take in your spare time. When you have a clear roadmap for your personal development, you will find it a lot easier to make progress. However, if you just have vague goals without any clear idea of how you are going to achieve them, you will not progress very quickly. 

If you follow these 3 steps, you will be able to manage your personal development and meet your career goals a lot faster.