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3 Money-Saving Tips for Staying Fit At Home

In the United States of America, sales of fitness equipment increased by 55% within January and March 2020, thanks to lock-downs and Covid-19. This means that the fitness movement is gaining momentum. However, traditional gyms are also becoming very expensive to patronize. Even as the Covid-19 Pandemic continues to unleash its wrath on the global economy, your health and fitness training must continue uninterrupted. But this time around, the gyms are no longer safe for group exercises, meaning fitness freaks must stick to indoor activities. Here are the top 3 tips to stay fit at home and save money without compromising any health benefits.

1. Do Bodyweight Workouts

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Your body is a large gym on its own, with plenty of natural equipment to work with. Sadly, only a few people realize that at-home bodyweight workouts are as good as gym workouts. With the lock-down still in place in many parts of the world, fitness enthusiasts can resort to calisthenics. These do not make use of heavy gym machines. The following is a list of simple bodyweight exercises to keep you fit at home: push-up, lunge, squat, running, jogging, cycling, walking, and pull-ups. If you feel like you are missing weightlifting in the gym, you can improvise your own weights at home.  For example, use sand to fill up an empty cylindrical container, and there you have it – a dumbbell. You can also fill a gallon with water, and you’re ready for weightlifting.

2. Exercise on Social Media

While social distancing protocols are still in full force, you need to go digital. It’s been three months into the lock-down, and there is no glimmer of hope that Covid-19 is slowing down. Though you will love to get back to the gym with your favorite personal trainer, that won’t be possible if the fatality rates are still spiking in your country. A simple solution exists on the internet and social media. Some gym instructors have migrated their fitness centers to virtual platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. That means you can still stay in touch with your yoga instructor provided they offer online tutorials. Are you looking for free fitness tutorials at home? Pick up your phone, and browse through Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and other social networks — you’ll get several videos about at-home workouts. For better results, hire professional fitness trainers, and do live workouts with them. Since there is PayPal, Payoneer, and hundreds of digital payment options — paying for online workout instructions cannot be a barrier. As you work out at home, check out brands like steel supplements, which offer different forms of at-home exercises.

3. Install Fitness Apps

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In the UK, the fitness sector is worth over £4.3 billion. Mintel estimates that this market value will hit £5.3 billion by 2023. One major contributor to this growth is digitization, which is impacting every industrial sector around the globe. Over the last couple of years, the fitness industry has rolled out various apps for workouts. These are available in both free and premium versions. While the Covid-19 rage goes on, download fitness apps such as Tone It Up and FIIT; these will allow you to rule your at-home workouts like a boss.

To sum things up, it appears the Covid-19 pandemic will linger on for some time. While some countries and cities are still under lock-down, you can always gain some health benefits from home exercising.

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  • Edna Williams

    In a social-distancing world, maybe we will realize we don’t really need a fancy gym to stay in shape! Thanks for sharing!

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