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3 Family Trip Spots That Have Creepy Places To Visit

Most of the time, people often love going on vacation. The reasons why a lot of people enjoy a long vacation can be plentiful; some do it for gratification, some do it to get rid of stress, while some just do it for fun. 

For those going to other countries for a vacation, you’ll undoubtedly get to see a lot of new places. Aside from the new places and sights you’ll get to see, you can also experience new cultures, taste new foods, and possibly learn a new language along the way. 

Given that vacations are exciting as they already are, you can make it more exciting by bringing along your family. From there, you can heighten the fun even more. What a way to add more fun and variety to your family trip than going to a haunted place? 

It may sound crazy, but there are lots of places all over the world that have creepy places for tourists to visit. At first glance, you would mistake most of these places are free from those kinds of places. Without further ado, here are some family trip spots all over the world that you can visit:

The Shanghai Tunnels, Portland, Oregon – United States of America

Home to the Portland Trailblazers, Portland is a city with several tourist attractions. One of the best places to go is Washington Park. You can find a ton of attractions in the park: zoos, museums, and even Japanese gardens. 

Aside from the attractions in Portland, the food is also great. Your visit isn’t complete when you don’t try Pok Pok’s Vietnamese Fish Sauce Wings. These chicken wings are legendary for both tourists and the locals. Portland is indeed a great place to be, but it wasn’t always like this.

In the past, Portland was one of the most dangerous ports in the world. Due to its notoriety, Portland was dubbed as “The Forbidden City of the West.” There’s one place in Portland that’s partly to blame for this dark past. The Portland Underground is a series of complicated tunnel systems that linked bars, hotels, and other docks in the city. 

Although the tunnels were places where legitimate operations were made, it was also a place that locals would call, The Shanghai Tunnels. During these dark times, Shanghaiing was an act of capturing men and selling them to captains who needed extra crew members. These victims would be drunk or drugged and would fall into the tunnels from the deadfalls in some bars.

When you’ve been shanghaied, you’re crammed into tight cells inside the tunnel. Due to the living conditions inside these packed prisons, a lot of people would die. A lucky few would be sold to buyers and live life as a slave on the seas. Today, the Shanghai Tunnels are a famous tourist spot for those who want to hear about the dark and grim past of the place. 

Aokigahara Forest, Minamitsuru District – Japan

Also known as the Sea of Trees, the place is the perfect starting point if you want to go and enjoy Mount Fuji. These forests are virtually untouched, which means there is a considerable amount of rare flora and fauna endemic to the country. If you have a doubt on how to choose gear for those outdoor activities just click here.

The forest is also the starting point to go to its famous caves. From there, you can visit Narusawa Ice Cave, Fugaku Wind Cave, and two lava caves. Aside from respecting the flora and fauna that you can find in Aokigahara Forest, tourists should pay respects to the departed.

Aokigahara Forest also has another name that is more familiar to foreigners. Aokigahara Forest also goes by the name “The Suicide Forest.” If you can remember, this is the place where Logan Paul caused an uproar in social media. Aokigahara Forest has gotten its name because a lot of people go into the forest to commit suicide. 

Local park rangers often advise tourists who go into the forest not to stray away from their tour guide. It’s also an unspoken rule for tourists to call for the authorities and shout at people who they suspect could commit suicide in the forest as a last-ditch effort to stop them. You can find stories and other detailed information on places such as Aokigahara Forest on sites such as

Old Diplomat Hotel, Baguio City – Philippines 

One of the most famous places to go for a vacation in the Philippines is Baguio City. If the impressive beaches of the country aren’t enough to satisfy your wanderlust, then you can go to the summer capital of the Philippines. Baguio City is colder than most places in the country because of its elevation.

When you’re in the city, be sure to visit Burnham Park. It’s also best to look out for Ukay-ukay shops in the town which can carry cheap souvenirs for your loved ones back home. Aside from all the places you can go to Baguio, you can also check out the Old Diplomat Hotel.

The Old Diplomat Hotel is one of the most haunted places on earth. The hotel was made way back when Spain conquered the Philippines. It would serve as a place for friars and diplomats to stay. It was rumored that several forms of abuse were done within the walls of the hotel. 

After Spain ceded the country to the United States, the Diplomat hotel functioned as a hospital that took care of injured soldiers of World War II. With sweeping victories over the allies in the Pacific, Japan was able to capture the hotel turning it into a prison. 

The hotel’s tainted history is the reason why tourists often see a mixture of apparitions in the place. Some often see friars walking along the cobblestone pathways, while others report seeing Japanese Soldiers running all over the place. 


If you want a terrific twist on your family vacation, you can go to tourist spots that have haunted locations. All over the world, you can find places such as Aokigahara Forest in Japan and The Old Diplomat Hotel in the Philippines. Once you get to these places, you’ll immediately feel an unreal sense of joy, making your vacation, truly one of a kind.

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