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10 Things to Know About Choosing Shoes for Toddlers

When it comes to buying shoes for toddlers, form, fit, functionality and stability are some of the key features to consider just like when your buying your bedroom furniture to have a good sleep. Fashion should not be a priority when it comes to buying some proper footwear for your toddler. Instead, you should consider stability and protection. The right approach to buying toddler boots for boys or any other shoes for your toddler is to ensure that they fit well and support good posture. For this reason, buying the first pair of toddler shoes requires much thought to be put into it.

Here are 10 things you need to know about choosing shoes for toddlers.

1.Consider Flexibility

The first toddler shoes should more than anything else, be flexible. When buying shoes for toddlers, ensure that you consider foot development by looking at shoes that are not too stiff. Shoes made from breathable, lightweight and natural materials are best for toddlers. Some specialists recommend going for sneakers, which are constructed from canvas and pliable leather, making it easier for the shoes to mold to your child’s feet for a great fit.

2.Have them Professionally Fitted

It’s not advisable to buy toddler shoes online because you may not get the right fit. Children’s arches develop at around age four. Therefore, it’s essential to get the shoes professionally fitted whenever you’re getting them a new pair.

3.They’re Meant for Protection

The wrong kind of shoe can lead to developmental issues. Unlike shoes for adults or much grown up kids, toddler boots for boys are mainly meant to protect the young little feet. The shoes you buy, therefore, must fully protect the legs. This is especially so because children aren’t as careful as adults when doing things.

4.Price Doesn’t Automatically Mean Quality

Toddler shoes that have undergone some level of standardization are very important because they adhere to most of the most crucial requirements of baby shoes. This is because quality should be of the utmost importance when buying shoes for toddlers. When buying your child’s first shoes, you should remember that a high priced toddler shoe doesn’t necessarily mean good quality. There are some shoes that are quite affordable yet they’re of very good quality and can serve your child very well and for longer. You can consider such shoes because children outgrow their outfits very fast.

5.Kids Grow Fast

Some reports show that children’s feet grow in size after every three to four months. This means it’s important to check the fit of your children’s shoes quarterly to ensure they are not hurting them.

6.Secondhand Shoes

A secondhand shoe for toddlers is one area that has experts disagree for one reason or the other. Hand-me-down or secondhand shoes for toddlers are okay if they fit well and are still in good shape. However, remember that children’s shoes mold to their feet. This essentially poses the importance of buying a new pair for your child’s little feet, so that they don’t have to wear shoes that have already molded to another child’s feet.

7.Use Pinky Finger for fitting

You can use your pinky finger to check for fit if you’re unable to have your child’s shoes professionally fitted. Ensure that there is a pinky’s width of space between the toe of the shoe and the tip of the child’s toes.

8.Screen for Genetic Foot History

The history of your family becomes a big determinant in the way your child’s feet develop. Genetics will also help you know some possible future foot problems. This means it’s important to take your child to a pediatric podiatrist as soon as the child is walking. For instance, if you are parents with flat feet, then there is a need to ensure your child is examined.

9.Ensure He is on His Feet

When buying shoes for your toddler, ensure you have them standing while getting measured for the shoes. Remember to check if they’ve curled their toes under as children usually do. This check is important to ensure you get the right fit.

10.Resist the Trends

At times you might be tempted to buy your child some in-fashion shoes. Make sure you resist the urge. Those pointy boots, clogs and other high-fashion shoes may be tempting, but the truth is they won’t help your child learn to walk better. When buying toddler shoes, look for functionality, comfort, fit, and stability.

The whole process of buying shoes for your toddler doesn’t have to be stressful. Just remember to follow the tips above for the best results. Your baby is learning to walk. Ensure you make that journey as comfortable and safe as possible.

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