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Many a time, we take personality tests for fun. But the truth is, these little personality quizzes you encounter when browsing online can reveal deep insights into your personality, preferences and behavior. They are a valuable exercise that can help you understand yourself better and, on a lighter note, know which Harry Potter character you are. 

For instance, the Myers Briggs type indicator, commonly known as MBTI, is one of the most prevalent psychological assessments that people use to examine their type, how they make decisions, see the world and interact with it. Many people say that discovering their personality type has helped them understand themselves and others better.  

Here are more reasons to find out about your personality type. 

Discover your strengths and flaws 

Knowing your personality type helps you discover your strengths and flaws, which is very important when making significant decisions in life. Whether you are choosing a career to pursue in college or you are about to start a new role in your job, keeping your strengths and weaknesses in mind can help you make an informed choice. 

For instance, when you discover you are an ISTP, you will automatically know that some of your characters qualify as strengths in some situations and flaws in others. But what does ISTP mean? It is a personality type in the MBTI, which describes people with independent mindsets. 

Know your likes and dislikes 

We all have likes and dislikes based on our different personality types. Whether you are the type that makes decisions immediately or the kind that needs some time to think before deciding, knowing your personality type may help you understand why you prefer some things and dislike others. 

It helps you learn where you are on the introversion and extroversion spectrum to make better decisions in your life. For instance, choosing a career aligned with your likes may mean being happier with your job in the long run. 

Recognize situations that work for you 

Maybe you have always hated attending social parties, and you don’t know why. Or perhaps you dread being alone and don’t understand why. Discovering your personality type can help you recognize your ideal situations. 

For instance, if you realize that you are highly introverted, you may take more time in the future to become comfortable in a situation before taking the next step. Knowing what works for you and what doesn’t gives you an approach to dealing with stress, managing your habits, coping with problems, and solving them. 

Understand other people’s behavior better 

Knowing your personality tests helps you understand why people have different reactions and perceptions to certain situations. It gives you inner peace by helping you accept that not everyone will share your views, ideas, and traits, and it is all okay because every perspective brings something new and interesting to the table. 

The bottom line 

Discovering your personality type helps you understand yourself and others better. As a result, you can make decisions that make you happier and address your flaws to enhance your relationships with others.