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Why are farmers markets so much better than the grocery store?

In Australia, almost every town has a farmers market. It’s the best place to see locally grown produce, made with care by local artisans. Some of the markets date back to the mid-19th century, others are more recent as the movement has become increasingly popular in recent years.

If you have not yet visited one in your area then you can check out what’s on in Victoria or Melbourne here. There is no charge to enter the markets, plenty of free tasters, and you’re likely to become hooked.

Of course, buying your food this way tends to be a little more expensive than going to your local supermarket. But, it’s a much better way. Here’s why.


Potentially the biggest reason to visit a farmers market is the freshness of the produce. In many cases, the produce has been picked that morning and brought straight to market. The same cannot be said for supermarkets.

In general, the produce from a large farm will travel 1,500 miles before reaching the supermarket. It’s impossible for the food in the supermarket to be as fresh as that at the farmer’s market.

Don’t forget, the fresher the foods the more nutrients they contain and that’s better for your health. 

Better For The Environment

Farmers producing for farmers markets will know what is in season and how much they can sell. They will harvest the right amount and travel a few miles to get it to market.

In contrast, large-scale farmers providing supermarkets send their produce on long journeys by truck, polluting the atmosphere significantly more than the trip to the farmers market.

The Organic Option

Small farmers who create produce for farmers markets are generally better at producing organic foods. They can control every part of the process and their main aim is to produce high-quality organic food. In contrast, the farmer supplying the supermarket is after bulk crops and is unlikely to focus on organic produce. 

Good For Communities

Local farmers keep the farmers markets going and create a place for community members to gather. This helps to establish and grow local communities. As a sense of community is good at reducing depression and other mental health issues, the farmers market can be seen as an essential part of ongoing health. 

That’s not something supermarkets can easily replicate.

Wider Choice

A supermarket has to buy in bulk and targets the most popular products. Farmers markets involve local people that know what is in demand, especially in a local area. This means you’ll find a much greater range of products at the farmers markets. 

It could be the best way to try products for the first time.

They Feel Good

Enter a farmers market and there is an instant buzz. You’ll feel connected to others and be able to enjoy the experience, perhaps even barter a little. That’s not possible in a supermarket where the atmosphere tends to be staid and limiting. 

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