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Why a Hamster is a Great Pet?

Growing up, we always hear our friends have a hamster as a pet, we even see it on TV and movies. Is hamster an excellent pet for kids? Are they easy to look after? In this article, we will discuss what to expect from having hamster as a pet.

We will list the things you should know, the cost of caring for a hamster, how long they live, what food is suitable, the safety of a hamster, how to tame them, so they don’t bite you and more. And the best part, how to be creative with a hamster cage.

Things to know about hamsters

1. Hamsters have a short lifespan

Hamsters only live for 2-3 years. They have a short lifespan which is excellent if you are not sure if you are ready to have a long commitment to having a pet yet. While it’s undoubtedly sad that in 3 years, you will have to say goodbye to your friend, this is a fantastic way to give your hamster a great life while they are here.

However, due to unethical breeding or overbreeding, hamsters from uncertified breeders are more likely to develop illness and might die early. This is why we recommend you to adopt a hamster instead or get one from a trusted breeder. 

2. They need a large and spacious cage

The opposite of what we were told, hamsters actually need a larger cage. They need way more than what a critter cage offers. The suitable floor size is 4000 cm2 or 620 sq in which is equivalent to 80x50x50 cm or 32x20x20 in.

Hamsters have so much energy, which is why they need a big cage to run around and burn these extra energies. Placing a wheel and lots of tunnels is a fantastic idea. 

These are the things a hamster need from day 1. Pooling all these toys and necessities will cost you some money. While they can be pricey, they are vital so a hamster can have a happy, safe, and healthy life.

3. They are not a suitable pet for young kids

We always told that hamsters are young kid’s pet and that’s not true. Hamsters are complicated, having one as a pet requires a patient and understand owner. 95% of hamsters that are being taken care of by kids die young or get abandoned because children don’t have the energy and understanding to look after them.

If you are getting your kid a hamster, remember that as a parent, it will be your responsibility too if your kid loses interest.

4. Hamsters don’t need too much attention

They are a perfect pet for those with a busy life, as long as they have food, clean and big cage, toys, they will be fine. They don’t need constant attention and touch. However, they still need an owner who can provide their needs.

What to remember before you get a hamster

1. Expensive to take care of them

A suitable hamster cage costs between $25-$80, then you also need to buy bedding, food, sandbath, chew toys, and a budget for the vet visit. This is why we recommend hamsters as a pet to an adult or a teenager with supportive parents.

2. They love to escape

If your house has a cat or other pet or you home is filled with holes that a hamster might hide in, reconsider getting a hamster. Hamsters love to escape even you give everything they need, and it’s just part of them, they love to explore.

If you still decided to get one, make sure you place their cage in a room that doesn’t have a hole or way for your hamster to get out. Your other pets shouldn’t be able to enter this room.

3. They bite – a lot

This is what I mean when I said they are not suitable for kids. When a hamster bites a kid, they will be sad and resent the hamster. Hamsters need to be tamed, and it takes a lot of time and effort. They are easy to get spooked and remember, they are prey in the wild, so it takes time for them to trust you.

We hope that this article helps you understand a hamster more before you jump on the idea of getting one. Hamsters are a fantastic pet; however, they are often misunderstood because they are small creatures.

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