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What Factors Decide The Settlement Amount After A Traffic Accident In California

If you get injured in an automobile accident in California, you may want to know how much you can expect in settlement compensation. The amount of monetary compensation you may receive after a traffic accident depends on many factors and may be hard to determine without the help of an experienced attorney specializing in traffic accidents. Even with the help of such consummate professionals, it is only possible to come up with a rough estimate. You likely won’t get to know the exact amount until the case has been settled or concluded.  

Leading causes of traffic fatalities 

If you wonder what is the leading cause of traffic fatalities in California, then review the following; 

*Speed driving 

*Reckless driving 

*Driving under the influence of alcohol or other mind-altering drugs 

*Driving while distracted 

Factors that help determine the settlement amount 

These are a few of the more critical factors that could help determine your settlement amount; 

1. Insurance coverage 

The insurance coverage you buy may have something to do with how much you may recover. For instance, if you have full tort coverage, the driver may sue for all the damages without worrying about the kind of injuries are incurred. However, if the driver has a limited tort coverage, the recovery of damages becomes more complex and depends on several underlying factors. Moreover, if you are in a position to receive a settlement from more than a single insurance company, it could also impact your settlement. 

2. Liability 

A negligent person in a traffic accident is usually held liable for damages, property destruction, or injuries. However, you may also be held partially responsible for the damages in some cases. This means you may not be able to recover as much from your damages claim. However, the recovery amount is usually the largest when a single party holds all the responsibility. In addition, if the responsible party was also reckless or negligent, you may also claim punitive damages, increasing your settlement amount even higher. 

3. Healthcare costs 

Injuries are pretty common after a traffic accident. You may be able to recover the medical costs to cover your bills, medicine, appointment, therapy, and other medical procedures for the injuries sustained in the accident. However, since it is difficult to determine any future costs for ongoing treatment, you may need the help of an experienced attorney to help you determine the proper costs.  

4. Impact on employment and earnings 

The injuries sustained in a traffic accident may hinder your capability to perform your job and earn rightful wages. If such a situation occurs, you may make a case of requesting more settlement amounts. If the injury is severe enough to hinder even the future prospects of employment, you may need compensation to recover the long-term wages. However, the amount may be much lesser if your injuries only prevent you from working for a few days or weeks. 

Contact a professional attorney specializing in traffic accidents to help determine what would be the rightful settlement amount you can request or file for. 

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