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Top Tips To Pick Your Swimwear This Summer

Summertime is a swimming time! Be it the beach or the poolside, swimming and swimwear have a mighty role to play! The old swimwear in your wardrobe isn’t going to turn heads anymore – so blend with the trend and ride the tide with the best women’s swimwear this summer.

To get started, you need to choose swimwear that solves the purpose. You will never be found wanting for choices as there is plenty of styles out there. For instance, a one-piece tank or maillot style is ideal for swimming workouts. Aracerback swimsuit can be a good option for rigorous swimming as it is less likely to slip off the shoulders while in action. Apart from the purpose, it also needs to blend with the trend, which is why choosing a swimsuit can be more challenging than you ever imagined! Eventually, you got to pick one! While the purpose and trends matter, quality, fit, color and style also need to be given a thought.

What to Buy?

Be it a bathing suit for your beach party or vacation or a swimsuit to cool off during the warmer days, a few tips can help you make the right choice. Discussed below are styles that would suit different body types, tastes, and purposes. Choose what suits your best. 

Fully Covered Tanks – The One-Piece Wonder

The modest option is a one-piece swimsuit that provides full coverage. This better suits for exercise and water aerobics. To add on some style choose from a variety of low back,  deep v-neck, one strap, strapless or side cut-outs.

Bikinis for a Sexy Body

If you are comfortable exposing your body, a bikini is a great option. You can mix and match string bikini tops with skirt bottoms or strapless tops with a high-waist bottom. For a sporty look, you can also go for a fully covered top and a low-rider boy short.

Tankinis for Expecting Moms

A tankini with a loose-fitting top that overlaps the bottom covers almost your belly and is best suited for pregnant ladies.

Bold Prints for the Bust Conscious

Bold prints are never out of fashion. They are catchy and are natural head turners. If you want to draw attention towards your chest, go for bathing suits with bold print and colors. Choosing a swimsuit with additional padding can help enhance your chest size. A halter racerback, the sturdy thick strap is a great choice to get additional support for your full chest.

Now that you have gone through the popular options available, the next step is to go ahead and make the purchase. 

Some Suggestions Before You Buy

Apart from all that is discussed above, it is important to understand what suits you. Every woman is different – size, shape, and comfort vary. Here is a checklist to help you make the purchase. 

Spend time on Research

Don’t be in a hurry. Take plenty of time. You can either drop into a brick and mortar store or better still can explore from a vast collection of swimsuits online where you are never short of choices. Do some research and identify the style of swimsuit that will suit your body. While researching never forget to read customer reviews. Realtime buyers can be your best guides. 

Pick the Perfect Fit

Opt for a suit that fits you well. A swimsuit that is too baggy or too snugly may not be a good option. It shouldn’t be too tight nor too loose. It should stay intact and relatively tight. It is recommended that you can try and buy or choose an online store that accepts returns. If you are opting for a brick and mortar store, ensure that you try it out before buying. 

Color and Appearance

Colors can impact the way you look so choose wisely. Your swimsuit color should complement your skin tone and body type. Opt for light colors to highlight a body part and dark colors to minimize the attention. If you are concerned about your hips, go with a bottom that gives full coverage, makes it appear smaller, and hides imperfections.

If you are in a sexy swimsuit, your best assets will grab the attention of everyone around you while camouflaging your body flaws. To make this happen, concentrate more on the fabrics, patterns, colors and other details of the bathing suit. Lastly, complete your sexy, stunning look with a pair of sunglasses, a pair of comfortable sandals, and a wide-brimmed hat. Remember, it’s all about getting it right in the end! 

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