Foodie Tips

Top Tips for Establishing a Sandwich Bar

Have you ever been in a rush for lunch, but also wanted something more satisfying than a sad supermarket meal deal? Being able to sink your teeth into a delicious sandwich that has been made with quality ingredients is so much better, and being able to get one quickly and efficiently is even better. This is why opening a sandwich bar that can cater to those on the go is a great business idea. If you have talent in the kitchen and have always dreamed of one day opening a café or catering company, below are a few tips that could help you open a successful sandwich bar.

Research and Plan

While this could be a fantastic business opportunity for you, remember that there will be other people in your area who have had the same idea. You must make your shop stand out from your competitors so you can become the number one choice in town. To do this, you will have to carry out thorough market research that you can use to develop your business plan. This will help you identify the strengths and weaknesses in your idea as well as those of your competitors. 

Connect with Local Suppliers

If you want to make top-quality sandwiches, salads, and other treats for your customers you will have to get top-quality ingredients. You should also be thoughtful when it comes to your business’s impact on the environment, and sourcing your produce locally could play a big part in that. Start setting up meetings with local suppliers once you have finalized your business plan so you can forge those working relationships early on. You could also work together for cross-promotion when it comes to your marketing strategies.

Responsible Packaging

As mentioned above, you need to think of ways you can make your company eco-friendly, and as you are a sandwich bar, you will need to use a lot of packaging to keep your customers’ food warm and safe as they take it away. Make sure you are using as little plastic as possible and that all of your packaging is recyclable. You will need everything from coffee cups, cupcake boxes, baguette trays, soup cups, and salad boxes.

Hit Food Markets

Having a retail unit to set up your sandwich bar is great, but think of other ways you can promote your business and attract new customers. Attending food markets in your local area on the weekends is a brilliant way to do this, and you can leave business cards with the address of your main shop, so customers know where to find you when they are in town. You might even want to think about setting up a food truck at local festivals.

Loyalty Schemes

You should also think about offering your customers a rewardfor their loyalty to your business. A lot of cafes and sandwich bars offer things like a free item after they have bought 5 drinks or sandwiches. You could even offer customers an exclusive membership to your shop that gets them special deals or discounts.

A lot more goes into running a successful business, but make sure you are doing all of the above if you want to establish a popular sandwich bar that customers will queue down the street for.