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Top 10 Things That Predict Divorce, According to Science

The way you choose your partner, the methods you use to deal with relationship issues, your background, and many other factors can increase or decrease the probability of you ending your marriage, according to science. People have been studying the early predictors of divorce for years so that they can discover the unique recipe of marital happiness. So, if you wish to avoid quick divorce in Arizona and create long-lasting and steady relationships, consider the following findings.

1. Strong Affection at the Beginning

The survey proves that the stronger the fire of relationships is at the beginning, the faster it burns out. The studied couples who were all lovey-dovey at the beginning of their relationships were more inclined to divorce than more reserved partners. Mostly, they found it difficult to maintain the same level of passion and affection, and due to general disappointment, their relationships underwent gradual deterioration.

2. The Four Horsemen of Divorce

Gottman Institute singles out four indicators of divorce coming close, calling them horsemen of apocalypse for your marriage. If you insert them in your relationships, you sentence your marriage to soon divorce. The ruining ‘horsemen’ include:

*contempt – treating your partner as a lower one will bring your relationships to the end;

*criticism – criticizing your partner instead of supporting them will get you apart eventually;

*defensiveness – playing a victim in any situation and putting all the guilt on your partner won’t end well;

*stonewalling – ignoring your marital troubles, neglecting your partner, being reluctant to discuss anything will make divorce the only solution for your family situation.

John Gottman, a psychologist, and his followers proved that the presence of these four points in your relationships signals the marriage termination being closer than ever. 

3. No Peace in the Household Issues

They say partners should share the priorities and support each other’s life principles so that they are comfortable and loyal to each other. But finding a compromise in routine issues is as important as respecting your partner’s life choices. 

The recent survey displays that if you cannot cut the deal and reach equality concerning your household rules and responsibilities, expect marital troubles to arise soon. Many couples who ended up dealing with serious problems with their relationships and often opted for divorce, confessed that it all started with small but frequent arguments on the household issues. 

4. Conflict-free Relationships

While constant bickering and complaining between you two will poison your relationships, the total absence of conflicts won’t do any good to your marriage either. 

If you keep quiet about your concerns, postpone any discussions, and hide your dissatisfaction, just because you never argue with your partner and prefer to avoid conflicts, by all means, expect the divorce to come into question. The point is, that things that won’t be sorted out between partners will burden the relationships and destroy them as a result.

5. No High School Education

One of the surprising factors that predict divorce is a partner lacking higher education. The research shows that the lower the education of the wife or husband is, the higher the possibility for divorce gets. 

Due to a sociological survey, half of the divorcees haven’t completed their high school education. While only every fourth single graduated from college. It is not only about being more or less smart but getting a poor life quality due to a lack of career opportunities can decrease your life satisfaction level and damage your marriage as a result.

6. Negative Description of Your Relationships

Badmouthing about your relationships is not a very good habit which can lead you to divorce easily.  More to this, the way you talk about your marriage and your soulmate define whether you head to divorce or not. If you express any negativity to your relationships, don’t display any fondness of your partner, use ‘we’ rarely, show no interest in your spouse’s point, then it is obvious that you have serious marriage troubles. 

7. Partially Employed or Unemployed Husband

Failing to become a family breadwinner can have a serious negative impact on the men’s self-esteem and ruin his image in a family. As a result, it can cause marital hurdles and make couples argue more. With a dissatisfied husband and irritated wife, the marriage isn’t going to head in the right direction. 

8. Getting Married at the ‘Wrong’ Age

Inappropriate age to get married is what predicts divorce for a decent share of couples. Sociologists claim that if you decide to marry your beloved in your teens or when you are over 32, there is a high possibility of relationships failing. In their teens, partners are often not mature enough to make sensible choices and act impulsively. And when soon-to-be spouses are in their 30s, they are getting picky and tricky to deal with. So, in both cases, such a beginning of marital life might end not successfully.

9. Age-gapped Partner

When partners are from different generations, they hardly have anything in common. There may be passion and affection at the very beginning that drag you together. But eventually, if you share no interest, life views, and attitudes, there will be nothing to unite you. You will get tired of your dead marriage and quit it soon.

10. Irritating Body Language

As far as it may surprise you, irritating habits and body language may become a minor reason that will lead to big bad consequences. Rolling your eyes instead of discussing your point openly, face-palming instead of supporting your partner, keeping a poker face instead of reacting to your partner’s arguments. All these can cause even more troubles than financial hurdles and lead to divorce in the end.


All the statistics have exceptions. And even if you get married in your teens, your husband is unemployed, or you are on cloud seven from love and happiness straight after the marriage, it doesn’t mean that you will terminate your relationship as a failed one. Still, it is necessary to consider the indicators of divorce, learn to spot them, so that you can either try to fix your relationships early or get ready to divorce successfully.