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Tips To Keep Your Family Safe On Vacation

We spend all year looking forward to our family vacation.  A lot of work goes into the planning.  Whether you’re travelling with toddlers or teenagers, you’ll want to follow these safety tips to allow you to enjoy your vacation. 

Get The Right Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is great for giving you peace of mind should you be a victim of theft, loss of luggage, cancellations and necessary medical care.  It doesn’t matter if you’re jetting off to foreign shores or vacationing in the US, travel insurance is very important. 

Some policies will also cover personal accident cover.  If you do have an accident on holiday that you believe is due to negligence or fault of a third party, your policy would cover you to engage injury lawyers to act on your behalf to recover compensation. 

Always check the level of cover of your insurance policy, don’t just assume you’ll be covered for every eventuality. 

Don’t Keep Cash, Credit Cards and Travellers Cheques Together

It’s tempting to put everything together in a safe place so that you can keep track of it.  But if you’re then the victim of theft, all of your financial resources will be gone.  

Keep some money and a card on you at all times and place the rest of them in a secure location such as the hotel safe. Some hotels may even hold important items for you in their secure location.  

Make Copies Of Important Documents

Photocopy your passport, insurance details and visa (if you’re going anywhere that requires one) and keep them in a separate place to the originals.  In the event that you lose them, you’ll still have the details with which to prove your identity. 

Tell Your Family And Friends Your Itinerary

By keeping your loved ones informed of your plans, it will be noticed quickly if you are out of contact or missing.  They will be able to contact the relevant authorities to make sure you’re ok. 

Arrange A Meeting Point In Case You Get Separated 

It’s easy to wander off from friends and family on a busy holiday.  Chances are, you’ll just be able to call each other on your phones and find your way back.  But on the off chance that you can’t get in touch, arrange an easy to find place to meet back up.  

If you have small children that are prone to wandering or running off (every parent’s worst nightmare), make sure they are carrying your contact details with them so that if they are found, you can be contacted immediately. 

Check Your Hotel Room Is Secure

When you get to your hotel, do a quick sweep to make sure that it is safe and suitable for your needs. Things to look for include: 

*Working locks on windows, doors and balconies

*Plumbing is working and you have hot and cold water

*No loose, wobbly or dangerous furniture

*Lights and electrics work 

*Fire exits are working and accessible in an emergency 

Now you know what you need to do. Go and enjoy your vacation! 

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