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The Best Gifts to Show Pride Year Round

Every June, we celebrate Pride Month. Pride Month is about visibility, respect, and fairness for the LGBTQ+ community. Pride month is to honor the riots at Stonewall for equal rights. No one should feel ashamed for who they love or how they self-identify. Every year, we gather to continue to push for human rights while acknowledging the journey so far. Whether you are a member of LGBTQ+ or an ally, it is a need to show support and be an advocate.

During Pride Month, there are parades, festivals, and special events. Pride flags and related merchandises are front and center in store windows. Purchasing gifts for LGBTQ+ loved ones is encouraged. However, it is common for these items to have a limited shelf-life.  

Once June is over, finding a gift to show pride could be a tricky task. Customizable gifts make it easier to show pride year-round. Here is a list of the best gifts you can give an LGBTQ+ loved one. 

Flower Arrangements

Sending flowers as a gift is a thoughtful way to show you care about someone. It was the gift associated with showing human emotion. The tradition of offering flowers has continued throughout the centuries, regardless of the time of year. Flowers are symbolic. The color and type of flower can have various meanings. Pairing colors together can also represent different pride groups. While the LGBT flag is a rainbow, there are additional flags for representing specific groups within the community. 

Venus is a good option for customizable flower arrangements. Imagine your loved one receives a package on their doorstep and opens it to reveal beautiful roses arranged to display their identity? Or perhaps the flowers are carefully positioned in a bouquet to show a short phrase of solidarity? It is a creative and sophisticated gift option that will leave lasting memories.

The process is easy. Select the box for the arrangement. Flower arrangements are a work of art, so think of the box as the foundation. Once you decided how large the gift will be, decide on a design for the floral arrangement. Here is how you can incorporate pride into your present. Arrange the flowers to form a flag or reveal a message. Make sure to include a card to deliver a personalized note with the flowers. 

In a way, you are honoring the advocates for LGBTQ rights while displaying human emotion. The flowers will act as a statement, reminding everyone that even after Pride month, you are still visible. Therefore, flowers can show the symbolism of the fight while the push for rights continues.       

Custom Jewelry

Universally, jewelry is a popular gift idea for all occasions. There are several different types, such as bracelets, necklaces, rings, etc. Therefore, making it a versatile accessory. On the surface, it enhances fashion and shows status. Most importantly, it makes a statement. You can give them customizable necklaces with an initial. They can be your initials exchanged. In San Saru you will find simple sterling silver necklaces ideal for this idea.

Commercially, jewelry has a reputation for sending an affectionate message when words are hard to find. There is an exchange of emotions. Jewelry is a gift that will last for years, acting as a constant reminder of the past. As the years go by, it is a gift that could be one day passed onto another family member as an heirloom. As a result, many will consider gifting jewelry to someone special. 

For a gift that shows pride, it is best to consider customization options. Consider the style of the person and the material used. If you are interested in gifting jewelry made from silver or gold, consider customizing the pendants. 6 Ice shows how you can personalize accessories to create unique pieces of jewelry. It takes only a few clicks to showcase a word or phrase. 

 Customizable jewelry gives your loved one a one-of-a-kind item. The products are silver and gold. Therefore, the gift is for both casual and formal styles. As a result, this is a stylish way to represent their community. 

Jewelry gifts also open up your presentation options. You could go with the classic little box, which sets up the excitement for the big reveal. You could also hide it within another gift. Sometimes jewelry gifts are offered in significant locations. There is a beauty in presenting a gift covered in precious stones. It will shine beautifully, regardless of the packaging. 


Everyone deserves to look and feel glamorous. Makeup is the best gift for someone who loves to express themselves colorfully and boldly. You could create a variety box showcasing different eyeshadow palettes, skincare products, and brushes. Make sure you include Moxie Lash products. The lashes come in a variety of bold, bright color options. There are multi-lash sets that make it easier to mix and match the colors. The lashes are reusable, making this a handy gift throughout the year.

The installation process is easy. Both the liner and lashes are magnetic. Apply the liner and watch the eyelash fall into place. The lashes may be the highlight of the makeup kit. This a gift that will be enjoyed by a professional artist and even those who are starting. 

With the previous gift ideas, we have explored a way to show pride through flowers. There are ways to wear a token of your pride on your body. And now makeup tips that can show pride through vivid, personal expression.


One of the best ways to show visibility and bring awareness is through the clothing we wear. Accomplish this through casual outfits, sportswear, or even private unmentionables. Offer the gift your loved one will be eager to wear. 

Marco Marco has a pride collection that showcases cool accessory ideas like visors, backpacks, and fanny packs. The sporting options include leggings, tank tops, and shorts. There are clothing options that show specific pride groups, which offer visibility for your loved one’s unique experience within the community. 

The brand prides itself on creating body-inclusive underwear while pushing for self-care by opening a dialogue about gender, sexuality and removing the stigma. For pride-themed apparel, make sure to give your loved ones something they can wear inside and outside the bedroom. 

All of the Above

It may be hard to narrow it down to one gift. After all, you want to give your loved one options. This way, no matter the day or the mood, they show everyone that their identity is valid. Surprise them with a beautiful arrangement of flowers and a thoughtful card. Customize a silver bracelet that spells “Pride” with glitzy lettered pendants. Offer colorful magnetic lashes that are easy to install. Include a shirt with a rainbow graphic, paired with leggings that reveal how they identify. Most importantly, include a pair of underwear that will offer confidence in the bedroom. 

Whether or not you are a member of the LGBTQ+ community, it makes a difference to acknowledge your loved one exists. Use your gift as a way to show you are listening and that they are visible. There is a lot of work to be done. For now, you can give the gift of visibility. Being able to show pride prevents someone from living their life in shame. That is why these are the best gifts because you are reminding someone that they matter. 

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