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The Benefits Of Medical Cannabis & How To Use It

Medical Marijuana, also commonly referred to as cannabis, is legal in 25 states and is gaining popularity across the US due to its potential use in helping patients that suffer from life-altering medical conditions or diseases. There are invaluable resources available online like those from webehigh.com, that can help to educate people on the possible side effects, whether bad or good…. Of medical cannabis and CBD.

There are also countless studies have shown medical cannabis like the products from Area 52, to be beneficial at helping to treat the symptoms of many diseases, including Alzheimer’s, HIV, Cancer, Crohn’s disease, Epilepsy, Glaucoma, ALS, Multiple Sclerosis, chronic pain, and nausea. 

The benefits of medical cannabis 

The benefits of medical cannabis for people suffering from these diseases could easily be an article all of its own, but some of the most notable benefits that patients report include. 

*Relief from pain

Whether it’s taken for arthritis, chronic pain, multiple sclerosis, anxiety, or other conditions, medical marijuana has proven to help people better manage their pain, provide them with a better quality of life, and reduce the amount of pain medication they need to take. If you reside in Ohio and you’re interested in embarking on a natural healing journey, GreenHealthDocs can help you obtain your medical marijuana card.

*Stopping tremors

For people with Parkinson’s disease, their tremors can make it extremely difficult to conduct even the most basic task. Remarkably, medical marijuana has been found to significantly reduce the frequency and severity of tremors and to improve the fine motor skills of patients suffering from Parkinson’s disease. 

*Controlling seizures

For people with epilepsy, medical cannabis can help them control their seizures and has even been found to stop seizures entirely for up to ten hours. When consumed, the THC helps to promote relaxation and prevents the brain cells responsible for controlling excitability. 

*Preventing blindness

And lastly, for those who suffer from Glaucoma, medical cannabis can prevent blindness. Glaucoma is caused by a rise in pressure in the eyeball, which can damage the optic nerve. Consuming cannabis helps to lower blood pressure, reducing the pressure in the eyeball, ultimately preventing the patient from going blind. 

How people use medical cannabis

Licensed dispensaries can only dispense medical cannabis to people who carry a medical cannabis card. If you’re looking for a location in Pennsylvania, click here.

Although one of the most popular ways people consume medical cannabis is to smoke it, it can also be inhaled as a vapor, used as an oil,  or absorbed through the skin as a topical salve or lotion. For those that want a long-lasting effect without smoking cannabis, edibles are a fantastic option. Edibles are recipes created using cannabis as an ingredient. Unlike smoking cannabis, the relief gained from ingesting an edible is slower to come on but then lasts a lot longer once it begins. Edibles come in many shapes and sizes from gummy bears and brownies to pasta sauces – virtually any dish can be made into an edible by infusing it with cannabis oil. 

So there you have it  – although cannabis is still seen as a Schedule 1 drug by the Federal Authorities, many states are starting to embrace the potential medical benefits that it can bring to patients suffering from horrible life-altering diseases. Have you ever tried medical cannabis? What is your favorite way to use it? Let us know in the comments below!

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