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The 4 Most Common Plastic Surgery Procedures

Plastic surgery is becoming more popular year after year, with nearly two million surgeries occurring in the U.S. Women are no longer the only ones who opt for plastic surgery. A plastic surgeon in Michigan tells that nowadays, men are also contributing to the boom of the industry, accounting for more than 150,000 surgeries per year.

The following are the most common plastic surgery procedures:

1. Liposuction

Liposuction is a surgery that suctions fat from desired areas of the body to achieve a slimmer and shapelier look. There are two types of liposuction:

*Tumescent Liposuction: It is the most popular type of liposuction. In this procedure, a special liquid (made up of saline, a medicine to constrict blood vessels and a numbing substance) is infused into the treatment area. The solution and the fat are suctioned out of the body with the help of cannulas (small hollow metal instruments). The infusion of a liquid can lead to temporary fluid retention that goes away after a few days.

*UltrasonicAssisted Liposuction (UAL): Here, the cannula emits ultrasonic energy to melt fat. Afterwards, the fat is suctioned out of the patient’s body. However, UAL is more risky than tumescent liposuction. There’s the risk of burns internally and externally plus the surgery is longer.

2. Breast Augmentation

The enlargement of breasts through surgery is an extremely popular practice with more than 350,000 procedures being done each year in the United States. You can visit websites like Soma Plastics to learn more about a complimentary initial consultation on this procedure as well as discuss competitive pricing by Ivy League trained surgeons.

Surgery is performed for multiple reasons including to enlarge both breasts, replace an absent breast, or to make breasts equal in size. Additionally, other females opt for plastic surgery when their breasts fail to develop properly during adolescence, a condition known as congenital micromastia.

Although once banned as a risk to human health, silicone implants are increasingly popular. Nearly 20% of women choose silicone implants over saline, with reason being that silicone has a more realistic feel.

After breast augmentation, most patients take about one or two weeks to recover before going back to their normal routine.

3. Blepharoplasty (Eye Reshaping Surgery)

Blepharoplasty is performed for cosmetic purposes or to enhance vision in persons where the eyelids are obstructing sight. Too much skin or drooping skin can lead to vision impairment and adds to the appearance of aging.

Lower eyelids with consistent puffiness or wrinkling are usually decreased during blepharoplasty to achieve a more youthful look. Fat pads beneath the eyes triggering the appearance of bags are taken out as needed in the lower lid procedure.

It takes about ten days to recover from this surgical procedure. Swelling becomes less visible after weeks or months.

4. Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck)

An abdominoplasty procedure involves the removal of excess skin from the abdominal region and tightening of the remaining skin.

The tummy tuck (lower body lift) procedure is growing in popularity. It is primarily popular among females who have excess skin after pregnancy or after losing a lot of weight following weight loss surgery. The best candidate for abdominoplasty doesn’t have too much abdominal fat to remove, but rather excess skin hanging from his or her abdomen.

After the surgery, most patients are able to continue with their normal schedule in two or three weeks. However, they might have limits on physical activity for longer.

Apart from the mentioned procedures, there are also other plastic surgeries that are very common. Such include breast reduction, rhinoplasty, facelift, breast lift, forehead lift and gynecomastia treatment. All in all, these procedures have their own advantages and disadvantages. Before choosing any one of them, it is essential to do some research and consult a plastic surgeon.

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