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Sugar Free Bread that Tastes Amazing

Lots of health-conscious people are trying to keep an eye on their sugar. Of course, people with health conditions like diabetes must be ever diligent, but those trying to lose weight and get healthy often realize the benefits of reigning it in as well. We all know the obvious culprits of sugar dense foodstuffs, like candy and soda. What we don’t realize is just how many things in our daily diets contain significant amounts of sugar.

Sweet Turned Sour

Too much of a “good” thing quickly goes bad. Sugar may taste sweet but it has a plethora of problems that come along with too much. Even health-conscious people are often consuming more sugar than they realize. It’s in loads of seemingly innocent foods. Fruit juice, condiments, sports drinks, granola, protein bars, and everyone’s favorite meal accompaniment, bread. 

The answer to why such high amounts of sugar exist in bread products is a question of some debate. It seems reasonable, with what we know of sugar’s addictive qualities, to assume it’s not an innocent oversight. Thankfully, consumers have made their desires for a sugar free bread known. You can now purchase bread that is not only sugar-free, but is also low in carbs but high in fiber and protein!

GI Who?

There are so many different types of bread, it can be hard to distinguish the bad from the good. Pay attention to the marketing next time you walk down your local grocery aisle, then, take a look at the glycemic index (GI). When it comes to the complex world of bread, the GI is your best bet for a real answer regarding how a particular product will affect your blood sugar levels.

GI is rated on a scale of 0-100 and ratings fall into one of three categories, low, medium, and high. Low is 55 or less, the medium is 56-69, and high is 70 or above. Refined carbs and sugar have a high GI unlike foods with higher fiber and protein, which boast a lower GI. It’s important to mind the GI, just because a food contains sugar, doesn’t mean it’s bad, but if the GI is high, chances are also high that you can find a better option.

Get That Bread

Thankfully, companies are recognizing the need for more options. There is now bread that contains zero, as in none whatsoever, sugar. This sugar-free bread is also low carb since carbs are where many of the problematic sugars in bread come from. Additionally, it’s high in fiber and even protein. It really packs a punch for those who are trying to get healthy without giving up all of their favorite foods. Bread is such a staple that it’s very noticeable and irritating when you try to cut it completely out of your diet.

Lots of small changes over time work better than drastic ones, as many dieters can attest to. Completely eliminating one of your most-used foods certainly isn’t the answer. Thankfully there is now a choice beyond unhealthy food and nothing at all. This type of bread is a great option for both diabetics and people on low carb diets, like the keto diet.

This healthy alternative is a game-changer not just for your grilled cheese and garlic bread. Think of making your own croutons and bread crumbs. That will certainly save you sugar and sneak in fiber and protein where it wasn’t before. You don’t have to sacrifice taste or say goodbye to sandwiches or all the various yummy toasts, just be mindful of the label when picking out your bread.

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