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Stress-Busting Strategies that Will Give You Instant Relief

Do you feel as though sometimes, stress gets the better of you? Maybe you feel as though you need to unwind but you don’t quite know how to go about doing this. Either way, this guide will show you the steps you can take to make a positive change for yourself, today.

Guided Imagery

One of the first things you can do to try and help yourself is guided imagery. This is like taking a vacation for your mind. It involves you trying to imagine yourself being in a place that makes you happy. It may be that you are sitting on a beach or that you are listening to the waves. You may be smelling the ocean, or feeling the warm sand right underneath your feet. Either way, one thing to know is that guided imagery can be done in your mind, or it can be done with a simple video recording. When you have done it a few times, you should find that you can truly unwind.


The great thing about meditation is that it can provide short-term stress relief alongside lasting benefits. The first thing you need to know is that there are many forms of meditation you can try, with each one having its unique appeal. You may find that you develop a mantra that you say in your mind and that you take a few deep breaths. You may also need to take a few minutes to practice mindfulness, which involves you being in the moment and blocking out everything that is not happening right now. Either way, if you can focus on the present then this will stop you from ruminating over something that you shouldn’t be thinking about right now.

Deal with the Source of your Stress

Sometimes you just need to deal with the source of your stress. If you are worried about something like immigration, then take steps to combat that stress by booking a free immigration consultation. If you are worried about money, then book a consultation with a financial advisor. If you can do this, then you will soon find that it is easier than ever for you to feel the stress melt away.

Progressive Relaxation

One thing to know about progressive relaxation is that it involves you relaxing the muscles within your body, one at a time. Tighten and then relax your muscles, starting with your forehead. You then need to move down to your toes. Over time, you will learn how to recognise tightness, and you will be able to unwind way more easily. This is a great way for you to feel that sweeping, relaxed sensation throughout your body.


Focusing on the way that you breathe, or even changing the way that you breathe can make a big difference to the way that you feel. It can also make a difference to your stress levels too. Breathing techniques can calm your mind and your body, not to mention that it can also help you to focus on the way that you feel in the current moment.

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