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Sell Your iPhone The Savvy Way

January is a great time to buy a new iPhone. There are tons of great deals and sales to take advantage of in the new year now that Christmas is over. This means there is never a better time to sell your iPhone and upgrade to a newer model. If you own an iPhone X and are looking at an iPhone 11, there is a good chance that you can use your older model as a method of getting a discount on the newer one. The best way of doing this is by using a website like to find the best deals. There are also a few extra steps you can take to make sure you are getting the most out of your old iPhone X or whichever model you happen to be selling.

Find the Original Box and Accessories

Hopefully you kept everything that came with your original iPhone. The best way to sell your iPhone is to pass it on in the same condition you received it. This does not just mean the physical condition of the device. It means providing the same box and accessories that it came with.

This typically means the box, a charging cable and any headphones that may have come with it. The better condition these are in, the more money you will receive. If the original charging cable was lost or damaged while you were using your phone and you replaced it with another generic cable, you should include this when selling the phone. If you do not include one of the original accessories you will receive less or your phone and companies buying your phone will be happy to receive any generic charging cable, it does not have to be the exact one that came with it any substitute will do.

Consider Replacing the Screen

It is not uncommon for screens to crack during a phone’s lifetime, particularly in the case of older models which have been used for longer. If you did not keep your phone in a case and it ended up damaged it is still worth selling since even damaged phones are worth some money. Just take care that you do not advertise your phone as being in better condition than it really is since this will affect the amount of money you ultimately receive once it has been delivered and inspected.

However, sometimes you can earn more money by paying to replace a cracked and broken screen before selling your phone. Even though buying a new screen costs money, the difference in the price you will receive when selling your old phone can more than makeup for the difference. Just make sure that you shop around for a reliable iPhone repair service that is well-reviewed. This will ensure you get your phone fixed properly so that you can make the most when trading I or selling your old iPhone. Then, when you buy your new iPhone11, invest in a case and take good care of it. That way, when it is time to upgrade again you will be able to sell it and get the most to finance your new phone.

Consider your Options

When selling your phone it is always tempting to use a direct peer to peer service. However, people who browse online auction sites are never willing to pay what a smartphone is actually worth or anywhere near it. Instead, you are better served by a professional company like who can offer you a fair price upfront. Other companies will try and entice you with some store credit or other related bonuses but this will limit your option and prevent you from taking advantage of good deals found elsewhere.