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See Why I Am Loving The Fresh-Pressed Olive Oil Club & Learn How You Can Get Your First Bottle For $1!

See Why I Am Loving The Fresh-Pressed Olive Oil Club & Learn How You Can Get Your First Bottle For $1!

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I am so excited to share the newest subscription service that I am loving…. and it’s called Freshly-Pressed Olive Oil Club. The Freshly-Pressed Olive Oil Club sends you 3 bottles of fresh-pressed supreme extra virgin olive oils every 3 months. There are two different options… one is for their set of three large 16.9 ounce bottles & another is for their set of three smaller 8.45 ounce bottles. Whichever you choose depends on how much you need or use but the end result is freshly-pressed oil rushed to your table straight from artisanal farms at the peak of harvest-fresh flavor and nutritional potency. They are amazingly delicious and I cannot wait to share some of my favorites.

One thing that I love about the Freshly-Pressed Olive Oil Club is that every oil that you receive is secured for you from the world’s top gold-medal-winning artisanal farms & they are exclusively available to you in the USA through the Freshly-Pressed Olive Oil Club. They know what they are doing when it comes to Olive Oil and they make it so very easy for me to get some of the best olive oils out there once every 3 months which is just perfect!

Another thing that I love is that every oil from the Freshly-Pressed Olive Oil Club is independently lab-certified to be 100 percent extra virgin olive oil. This is important as I am sure you have heard of all of the olive oils out there that are cheap, old, mediocre and even fake in the worst case scenario which is scary so I love knowing that I am getting real 100% percent pure olive oil and the flavor… delicious!

The benefits of being a member of the Fresh-Pressed Olive Oil Club are that every shipment comes with their “Pressing Report” which describes the producer of each of the three varieties of olive oils, the olive varieties, regions and harvest as well as the tasting notes of each oil, a game plan for an olive-oil tasting party and suggestions for ways to enjoy each of the oils. It is really perfect for Olive Oil lovers, Foodies, Chefs and as a fabulous housewarming gift option too. 

For a Limited Time you can receive a full size bottle from the Freshly-Pressed Olive Oil Club for ONLY $1!

You heard right…. only $1! There is no obligation to buy anything now or ever…. you simply get to try a bottle for $1. Simply cancel the subscription once you receive your bottle in the mail if you decide not to continue and if you love it … every three months you will receive a trio of different Olive Oils to enjoy… choose the large or smaller size subscription when you claim your bottle for $1. 

So what do you think of the Freshly-Pressed Olive Oil Club? Is it not the coolest thing ever? Make sure to try a bottle for a $1 while the offer lasts and see the difference between 100% pure Olive Oil from artisanal farms from around the world…. versus bottles that are sitting on the shelves in your local store. Make sure you visit the website to learn more about the Freshly-Pressed Olive Oil Club today!

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