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My Savvy Review Of The Glasstic Classic Shatterproof Glass Water Bottle With Black Lid/Base & Decorative Inserts! @GlassticBottle @SMGurusNetwork

My Savvy Review Of The Glasstic Classic Shatterproof Glass Water Bottle With Black Lid/Base & Decorative Inserts! @GlassticBottle @SMGurusNetwork

Deliciously Savvy received product in exchange for an honest and unbiased review and all opinions are 100% my own. Regardless, I only review products that I am truly interested in for myself and my family and of course for sharing those reviews with my savvy readers. Thanks for stopping by and enjoy!

With the New Year here, it is no secret to anyone that knows me that my family and I are working on our water intake and healthier eating and living in general. My family is actually really good about drinking lots of water but we are looking to eliminate the use of all of the plastic water bottles that we consume daily by refilling our own with filtered delicious water. In comes Glasstic and their Glasstic Shatterproof Glass Water Bottles which are a must have for busy families “on the go”. I love that these water bottles are made like non other and that they are BPA-Free, Lead Free, Cadmium Free & Toxin-Free. I also love that the insert is glass, because for me personally, I truly love the taste of any drink better in glass as compared to plastic. There honestly is no comparison. You have a crisp, clean and refreshing drink each and every time. 

As you can see, with your Glasstic Shatterproof Glass Water Bottle, you have your base for the bottom of your bottle and a flip cap for the top. I love the flip cap because it provides you with a wide mouth opening making it easy to refresh yourself quickly and efficiently. The wide mouth opening also makes this a great option for people that add supplement powders and/or essentials oils to their water bottles. You can also see that you have a glass insert as well as the plastic outer shell which protects the glass in the event your bottle takes a hard fall. This cool design also makes it super easy to personalize your bottle to suit your mood and style anytime. Glasstic carries super cool style inserts that you purchase to make your water bottle extra special. You can make your own, and select from an amazing assortment of inserts to fit a particular holiday and/or season or selections to showcase your personal style. I love love love that all of the parts (minus the style inserts) are dishwasher safe so that you can simply take the Glasstic Glass Water Bottle apart and run it right through the dishwasher. Do keep in mind that this does not apply if your bottle has a design printed on the plastic outer shell….. like my Glasstic Deliciously Savvy custom design bottle. You can put all of the parts in the dishwasher minus the plastic outer shell with the design. That you will want to hand wash so that the pre-printed design does not get ruined in the dishwasher. All other Glasstic bottles are 100% dishwasher approved. I also have to mention that Glasstic Offers a Lifetime Part Replacement. I just love a company that stands behind its product and that is exactly how Glasstic rolls. What more can you ask for?

This is the Glasstic Classic Water Bottle in black with an assortment of style inserts that you can use to dress up your bottle any time that you choose.

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