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Own a Water Park in Canada? Here are Three Must-have Waterslides for You

Anyone who’s never been to Canada shivers by the thought of Canadian winters. And knowing that there are loads of prominent amusement water parks there makes them flabbergasted. Canadians, on the other hand, proudly carry the vestige of religiously visiting water parks every summer till the mercury starts to drop. We water park enthusiasts work day and night to get it ready for the big summers and one thing that has often been seen is the park missing its heartbeat—yes, you know what we are talking about.

Waterslides are the major attractions in every water park that’s built for 360-degree worth of fun.  Sure, having a waterslide seems just enough; it is surely not the right way to go in keeping your clientele happy. Do you think that group of kids coming on a school trip would enjoy it when they realize the slide is an ‘adult’s only’ one? A complete family experience is the cornerstone of every amusement park and keeping that in mind, your Canadian water park should have a concoction of some water slides that would make it a family fun experience throughout.

Not only would these slides lift the aesthetic of your water park, it’d make your audience glance in awe with what the park has to offer. These slides would cover up every age group that exists – from little kiddos getting their first amusement park fix to older adults who are there for a change of scenery. Let us look at the slides we are talking about.

Top three Waterslides to have in your Water Park

Slides for the first adventure

Remember your first time in the amusement park? Those jeers and hesitant breaths of going near the water were rather justified and certain. With the little ones hesitant yet open to try a beginner’s water park experience on waterslides, every water park should be able to help with slides engineered for the little guests. For instance, here are some examples of adventure slides for beginners:

*Outstretched water slides for parents and guardians to ride along the kids for added sense of security

*Moving on to the real waterslide experience, the kids body slides bring in the real fun. These generally have a closed-flume design to offer just the right thrills

*And of course, since these pint-sized rebels get bored in no time, some speedy slides should be there to give additional thrill.

Slides for family fun

Family time at the amusement park? This is now a common scenario and doesn’t just cater to a single age group, but a combination of them all. With family slides, cater to the parents, little ones, and adrenaline-driven young adults. From body slides that are as safe as they can get to raft waterslides which are smooth yet a winner in terms of splash and excitement.

Slides with a BIG splash!

Nothing completes a waterslide experience without a slide that thumps big with a huge splash of water. Kick the adrenaline in your amusement park up a notch with different kinds of slides with big splash. From swoosh to splash and some twists and turns, these slides are completely safe to use for people of all ages (although supervision is advised for kids below 12 years of age).

Where to stock up on these waterslides?

Waterslides are supposed to be the safest and of the highest quality material. With Vortex Canada catering to all the waterslide needs of projects of every size, your amusement park would be lit up with customers who are ecstatic to jump onto waterslides this summer in Canada. Want to learn more? Check out Vortex Canada.

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