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My Savvy Review Of Dog Mom Natural CBD Peanut Butter

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It is no secret to anyone that knows me that I am a huge fan of CBD and its many natural health and wellness benefits. I have posted about it quite a bit as my husband and I both use products infused with CBD and recently I jumped at the chance to do the same for my elderly rescue pup Chewey the Chihuahua. My pup Chewey suffers from arthritis in his old age which is why I jumped at the chance to give Dog Mom Natural CBD Peanut Butter a try as he loves peanut butter so I knew that a CBD infused peanut butter would be perfection for him.

Dog Mom’s Natural CBD Peanut Butter is simply delicious! It is made with just 3 natural ingredients, fresh roasted Peanuts, Honey and organically grown CBD Hemp. It is recommended that you start low and slow with CBD for your pup so sticking to the dosage of about 1 teaspoon is perfection. There are many ailments that dogs face just like humans and they may need something to supplement them to help carry them through their day. Below is a list of ailments that CBD is very effective in helping with…..






*Increase In Appetite


*Aggressive Behavior

Chewey is loving Dog Mom Natural CBD Peanut Butter and honestly he would eat the entire jar if I would let him. A teaspoon is all it takes for most dogs, but my little Chewey is not even 5 pounds so I cut his amount in half and gave home a half of a teaspoon. Every jar has 24 One teaspoon servings which means for Chewey there are 48 1/2 teaspoon servings. 1 Teaspoon contains 6 mg of CBD which is the perfect amount to help him with his aches and pains and honestly he has seemed to have a bit more pep in his step which I love.

So what do you think of Dog Mom Natural CBD Peanut Butter? Do you have a fur baby that can use the m nay helath and wellness benefits that CBD provides? Remember that CBD can come in many forms whether it be oil, flower, powder, or wax and making sure that you find a way for your pup to take their dose in a way that appeals to them is crucial. This is why I love Dog Mom Natural CBD Peanut Butter as it’s the perfect way for my pup to take his daily dose. I simply put a half a teaspoon on a spoon and he licks away until it is gone. Could not be easier and the wellness and health benefits for him are huge as he is now moving around more comfortably and he has some pep in his step!

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