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How To Strengthen Your Core More Effectively

When you think of strong core muscles, you probably think of athletes and sportspeople. But having a strong core is essential for daily life. Weak core muscles can make you more susceptible to muscle injuries, lower back pain, and poor posture. And if you struggle with chronic back pain, strengthening your core can help. It also boosts balance and stability, as your core stabilizes your body and allows you to move in any direction. So, whether you sit for long hours at work, or live a more active lifestyle, here are some helpful tips to strengthen your core more safely and effectively. 

1. Do it right

Regardless of your workout technique, whether you’re lifting weights or doing some planks, do it right. Even if you prefer to work out at home, you should first and foremost ensure that you get your posture and exercise right to avoid injuries. For example, if your workout routine involves deadlifting some weights to strengthen your glutes and lower back, be sure you know the right techniques and postures to avoid injuring your back. You can also try these RDL, nordic curl and kettlebell deadlift variations for a stronger posterior chain

2. Make the time

As indicated earlier, having a strong core is essential for almost every aspect of your daily life and body movements. It’s a key element in lifting weights, carrying bags, or even getting up from bed in the morning. So, don’t simply target your core to look good in that bikini or strut your stuff at the beach. This way, you might lose your core strength when you reach your body aesthetic goals and stop working out. Instead, let core strengthening workouts become a part of your daily life and make time for it. And speaking of exercise, the next point is also crucial.

3. Pick the right exercises

It’s almost impossible to imagine strengthening your core without working out. But you need to pick the right exercises that target this part of your body. Your core is located between your diaphragm and pelvic floor and covers your abdominal muscles and glutes. And exercises that target these areas of your body can help. Some of the effective exercises you can do include planks, sit-ups, abdominal crunches, burpees, and bridges. You can also add variations of these workouts to increase their effectiveness. 

4. Don’t forget to add core-strengthening foods to your diet

In general, getting in the right shape requires a perfect combination of exercise and a proper diet. So, while working on the exercise aspect, do not forget to add the right foods to your diet – in this case, foods for a strong core. Some of the foods you can consider include almonds, eggs, apples, leafy veggies, and yogurt. Almonds, especially, can provide your body with all fiber, protein, vitamin E, and potassium, which is crucial for building muscle tissue. Eggs have the perfect amino acid balance, and the fiber in leafy veggies can help maintain a slim waistline. Yogurt can help minimize bloating, constipation, and fat, making it easier to build your core muscles.

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