working from home with kids
Savvy Tips & Helpful Hints

How To Realistically & Effectively Work From Home with Kids 

Working from home has always been a popular option simply because it is convenient and, in many cases, practical. Of course, the global pandemic has forced many people to work from home and this situation looks likely to continue. 

It’s estimated that two-thirds of the population are currently working from home. While this is beneficial to keep people employed and businesses creating a profit, working at home has its own challenges. This is especially true if you have young kids.  

It should be noted that it can be difficult with school-age kids. But, you have an obvious work window while the kids are at school. When kids aren’t at school or are young, you need to adopt the right approach to ensure you effectively get your work done.  

Consider Getting help 

If you are at home alone with the kids then you are going to struggle to work without interruptions. Just one interruption can damage your concentration and double the time it takes to do something.  

That’s why you should consider using reputable babysitting services Sydney. Simply book them for the critical times and they will keep the kids amused and out of your way. 

Create A Space 

The ideal scenario when working from home is to have a dedicated space where you can work. That means a separate room or even the corner of a room. However, if you are working at home with children you also need to be able to monitor them, especially if they are young. 

The best way to do this is to create a space in the living room where you can work. You’ll then be able to monitor their activities. 


This is the real secret to success working from home with children. Being in the same space as them allows you to watch them but it also allows them to keep distracting you. 

However, if you plan then you can create activities for your children that will take them a similar amount of time as your activities. Break down the things you need to get done into a list and allow a little more time for each task than normal. 

Then, create the activities for your children to coincide with the work you are doing.  

Between each task that you do, take a break. This gives you the opportunity to play with the children and helps them to understand the difference between playtime and when you are working. 

One Thing At A Time 

Working at home with children is not the time to start trying to beat production records. Focus on one task and finish it before moving to the next, regardless of how much time it takes. This will help your focus and productivity. 

Consider Timing 

When you go to work you do relatively set hours. One of the biggest differences at home is that you can work when you want. That means considering when the children are likely to be tired or busy doing other things and making that time work time. In short, plan your schedule to suit the available time and discard the standard working day.