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How to Plan the Perfect Engagement Party

So, your partner has finally popped the question and you are full of excitement and anticipation as you begin looking through bridal magazines and searching for your perfect dress and wedding venue. Well, this is certainly something that you need to look into, but how about first of all planning the perfect engagement party to celebrate this occasion with your family and friends? Here are some simple tips on how to make your engagement party one to remember.

Plan itbwithin the First 3 Months of Engagement

Depending on whether you wanted a short or long engagement, you can plan your engagement party to be anywhere from a few weeks after the question is popped up until three months later. Any later than that and you will want to already turn your attention to the final big date rather than planning any smaller parties. 

Combine Your Event with Other Public Holidays

This gives you a better chance of full attendance to your party and allows you to take some of the attention away from you if this is something that you are not too comfortable with. For example, why not plan your engagement party to fall on New Year’s Eve to make it super memorable for all your guests?

Take Time to Pick Your Perfect Venue

You might want to hold this event at your home, or perhaps ata family member’s home for extra convenience and to keep costs to a minimum. This is great for a smaller guest list, but if you wanted to go all out and hire a venue to treat your guests, then make sure you visit a few different locations and discuss pricing thoroughly. Some venues might offer a natural theme, with flowers and magical lighting, like at https://florathevenue.com/, whereas others might be more of a cosmopolitan theme and provide minimal decoration.

Have Both Parents Meet Before the Event

This piece of advice might not seem so obvious to you, but itis certainly important in guaranteeing the smooth running of your engagement party. This will avoid any awkwardness at your party that comes with the first meeting of the two families, along with ensuring that any matters that need to be discussed can be brought up beforehand.

Plan a Few Parties for Long Distance Friends

It can be the case that no matter how early you send out invitations, your closest friends might not be able to make your engagement party due to distance or other commitments. In this case, remember that there are no rules to how many parties you have planned; in fact, the more the better, because the celebrations can continue until you are ready to organize the big day.

These are just a few tips on how to create a perfect engagement party, but there are plenty more things to consider, including caterers, drinks, and music. Just make sure that whatever party you plan, you plan it to your requirements, not someone else’s, and if you do need any additional help then call in the help of a wedding planner.

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