Savvy Family Time

How to Plan the Ideal Family Day

As every parent with school age kids knows, family life is always busy. The adults have work and a mountain of chores to complete each week, and the kids are kept busy with school and a ton of extra activities. After a while, you may feel like you are all constantly on the go and there is never enough time to spend together. If you feel this way, it is important to know that you are not alone. The issue of a lack of family time is a common problem that many households face. This is backed up by research that shows 39 percent of parents feel that they do not get to spend enough quality time with their kids. 

This hectic pace of life can often make it hard to bring everyone together and enjoy quality time as a family. So, every once and a while, it is helpful to make it your mission to set everything else aside and schedule some family time. To make the most of the time you spend together, it is worth planning your day to ensure that you take advantage of this opportunity. Here are some ideas to help you plan the perfect family day with your loved ones:

Clear the Diary

Finding a day when everyone is available to enjoy some family time can take time and effort. But fixing a date and ensuring that everyone sticks to it is essential. Planning ahead and making sure that everyone keeps the day free will avoid any cancellations and disappointment. 

Make Firm Plans

Making definite plans for your family day is the best way to ensure that it does not get wasted. Having a vote to decide what everyone would like to do is helpful if you cannot agree. But it is a good idea to do something a bit different from your usual activities to ensure that it feels special. Your day out does not need to cost a fortune to be memorable. You could explore a new destination and pack a picnic to keep you all well-fed during your day out. Alternatively, you could try an activity that you have never done before.

Capture the Day

Enjoying yourself is your top priority, and you will make plenty of happy memories on your special day. But it is also a great idea to take some photos to ensure that you don’t forget a single moment of your family day out. Taking photos is an excellent way to remind yourself of how fast the kids are growing and will give you the opportunity to pause and take it all in.

Finish the Day on a High

Cooking a delicious family meal will provide the perfect end to a day of quality time together. A comforting meal like a rib roast or a beef tenderloin with homemade horseradish sauce is the ideal choice after a busy day. Following your meal with your favorite family movie will ensure that your day comes to a relaxing end.

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