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How to Live a More Savvy and Stress-Free Life

Modern life is hectic and stressful. From doom-scrolling through social media to a growing number of responsibilities, it’s easy to get stressed, and that’s bad news for your physical and mental health. As we are seemingly bombarded every day by bad news, mind-boggling world events, and the stresses of work (or a lack of it), it’s vital that we start taking a more considered approach to our daily lives. If you want to live a much savvier and stress-free life, then here are some of the best steps that you can take today. Start evaluating your life, and you might find that reducing your stress levels is a lot easier than you think.

Make a Routine

The more structured your life, the easier it is to manage. Having a set plan that ensures that you get as much of your routine completed as possible is easy to plan, and it can make you much more productive. Having a daily routine means that your day is utilized much more effectively, and that means having more spare time in the day too. If you stick to your routine every day, then it will become second nature, making it easier to complete your routine every single day and freeing up your mind and your time.

Become an Early Bird

If you’re the type of person who fights the snooze button every morning and needs four cups of coffee to start functioning, then you’re going to hate this step. The earlier that you get out of bed and start tackling your routine, the more you’ll benefit. Getting up early isn’t for everyone, but if you can escape the comfort of your bed, then you can get:

*A new level of productivity

*Less stress and more agile mental health

*Better sleep 

*A quiet oasis of tranquility that lets your prepare for the day if you have children

You don’t have to set your alarm for 5am right now. Start by setting your alarm 15-minutes earlier than usual and slowly get used to getting out of bed early. Reward yourself for making changes to your sleep routine too!

Decluttering Your Home

If your home is filled with mess and clutter, then you’re going to have a lot more stress in your life. Now, you don’t have to go full-on minimalist, but having a regular declutter of your home also means you get to declutter your life too. It’s all about knowing what you need and what you don’t and then getting organized. Go room by room, and think about the clothes, toys, ornaments, and kitchen goods that you just don’t use or need. If you have a car in your garage that you haven’t used in more than a month, consider giving it to a donation center; you’ll end up with a massive amount of fresh space to use however you want. Look for storage options, sell unwanted clothes on eBay, and declutter your life.

Take Relaxation Time

It often feels like there is simply too much to do in a day, especially if you’re working and then coming home to tackle a growing side hustle. However, if you have your daily routine planned well, then you should have time for relaxation. Never underestimate the importance of relaxing, and ensure that you have some time for it every single day. Whether you use that relaxation time to watch a film, read a book, play a game, or simply relax with the family, it gives your mind room to breathe, and it can have a hugely beneficial impact on your mental health and your productivity. Don’t overlook relaxation because you’re so focused on goals and ambitions.

Stop Multitasking

There are so many myths and misconceptions about multitasking that you can still see it listed on job adverts as a required skill. The fact is that multitasking has long been proven to be inefficient and ineffective. It’s obvious really: if you’re trying to focus on more than one task, you’re not doing either task at 100%. Start focusing on one action at a time and make sure that you have as few distractions as possible while tackling each task. Pick a task and do only that task until it’s done. Then you can move onto the next one. You might be surprised by how much single-tasking can alleviate your stress levels.

Healthy Habits

Whether you’re someone who goes to the gym regularly or the type for whom even thinking about lifting weights is enough to bring on a cold sweat, developing healthy habits is vital. Doing at least one healthy activity a day can have a dramatic effect on your stress levels and can even help to elevate your mood. You don’t have to sign up for gym membership and start working on whatever glutes are. Instead, go for a walk through your local park, follow some yoga tutorials on YouTube, or replace some late-night candy snacks for nuts or fruit. Tackle your bad habits as and when you feel up for it, and your stress levels will drop a lot more than you might have thought.

Stressful Finances

If there’s one cause of stress that’s hard to avoid its money. Your finances can always be a huge source of stress, but no matter your income, there are always going to be ways to reduce those stress levels. It’s never been easier to simplify your money management, and there are apps and online tools available that can help you manage your budget much more easily and effectively. Look at automating your savings for a more simplified approach to your cash management, and always do price comparisons when you buy anything (from a new toothbrush to a kitchen refurb). You can also start to look for fun activities that don’t cost a cent.

Of course, stress can hit us at any time and from any direction. However, the more that you have simplified your life and established daily patterns that are designed to reduce your stress levels, the better equipped you’ll be when emergencies happen. Take the time to find the best options for you when it comes to living a savvier and more stress-free life, and you’ll find that you get more done without the risk of burnout.

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