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How to Keep Your Dog Calm During a Long Car Ride

If you’re going on a family road trip, the crew isn’t complete without your furry friend. Whether you’re going camping or visiting relatives, bringing your dog along is non-negotiable. Unfortunately, some dogs aren’t huge fans of long car rides. You’ll often see pictures or videos of dogs loving their life in the car, with their head out the window, tongue lolling. 

The reality is that long car rides can cause a lot of stress and anxiety for your dog. Being trapped in an unusually confined space is not always fun, but that doesn’t mean that you need to leave them at home. 

Here are some surefire ways to keep your dog calm during road trips so you can all have fun as a family. 

Baby steps 

If your dog is not a fan of car rides, start with short trips and let them work up to longer ones. Begin with a drive around your neighborhood, or to a local dog park. Assess how they deal with it and what they may require to make them more comfortable. Go on excursions with your family that are closer by. 

After all, your dog is part of your family, and their needs are just as important. Repetition is key. Eventually, they will get used to the car rides, and it will no longer make them anxious. 

Bring their personal items

By bringing their personal items from your house, they will feel a lot more comfortable. Instead of throwing them into a completely foreign environment, surround them with home comforts and smells, allowing them to adjust easier. Bring the blanket that they usually sleep on and some of their favorite toys


CBD is the non-psychoactive compound derived from the hemp plant. It’s well-known as a natural remedy for anxiety and is safe for your pets to use as well. Giving your dog CBD before a long car ride can help them to relax and can save them a lot of mental and physical stress. There are no side effects to worry about, nor do you need to give them any pills or oils. You can get CBD-infused dog treats from that come in a variety of flavors that every dog will love. 

Maintain airflow

Stagnant air, humidity, and excessive heat can make your dog and your family uncomfortable. Since your dog can’t let you know that it’s having trouble breathing, it’s best to maintain constant airflow and ventilation. Especially if you have your dog in a crate, you will need to make absolutely sure that they don’t overheat. 

Make frequent stops

It’s essential to make frequent rest stops when you’re traveling with your dog. Again, as they can’t tell you when they are thirsty, hungry, or need to go to the toilet, you’ll then have to stop and let them out often. Allow them to stretch their legs, have some water, and get fresh air. Avoid over-feeding when on a road trip, since too much food can make them nauseous, especially if they are prone to motion sickness. 

Ultimately give your dog lots of love on long trips. Put the same care and preparation into their time as you do the rest of your family, and you will all have fun together on your road trip.  

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